Author's Note

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So uh, basically, this is a note to all of my fans here,,

So I have insonmia and Agoraphobia,,

A sleeping disorder and a type of anxiety disorder.

So I haven't really been in a great state,, and,,

I really want to make you guys appt and give you chapters but,, due to all these feelings of panic given to me and my mind, it keeps me away from it..

I've given over 5 parts that aren't even chapters,

I feel very bad and this book is close to its end.

So I'm gonna re-write it in the future cause' its REALLY bad.

I'm gonna have another book too, and it's gonna be about TomTord, this is basically an inspiration and request by my friend, LiLy. She wanted me to make a Tom x Tord book, and it's about the neighbor au, when Tord and Tom are neighbors and never met before,,

So Tom is the pastel and artistic dude and Tord is the dude who tends to look at starts but loves to write a lot about his made-up characters most of the time.

This will take in College,,,,

Many people who are reading my books are either people I don't know or Authors that I look up to/or admire a lot. (And you don't know how happy I am to have that aaa))

So, get ready for a new book,, cause this one will probably end in the next or other chapter.

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