As I wallowed in my misery, Josh started to laugh, not a belly aching type of laugh, but a laugh none the less. I swear if he wasn’t my future Alpha and best friend, I would’ve knocked him on his laughing ass right now, the glare I shot his way indicated as much.

If anything, he just laughed harder before saying, “Bro, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with my cousin and survive it, you’re gonna have to know when she’s messing with you, and what just happened back there wasn’t even Ari at her best.”

Confused by what he was saying, I gave him a questioning look.

“That whole act back there was just that, an act. If you’re wolf wasn’t so blinded with rage, you both would’ve noticed that Ari’s scent is still as pure as the day she was born. She hasn’t been with Adam, or anyone else.”

Now that I thought about it, he was right. Her scent was the same addicting lavender, but this time their was a hint of spice to it. Recalling that scent, I remembered it’s what had my body coming alive, she was aroused by the things I had been saying to her. The makings of a smile made it’s way to my face as I thought about the effect my teasing was having on her and the way she retaliated, fighting fire with fire, but where I had only ignited the flame, she had started a full on brush fire. I believed what he was saying, but I knew my wolf wouldn't be fully satisfied until she confirmed it herself.

“So, you’re finally realizing what happened back there, huh? You got played, and played good. I warned you, though, Ari’s not like most girls and if you think catching her is a challenge, sorry to tell you that’s just the beginning. What you got today is only a taste of what she’s capable of, and the glint I saw in her eye as she messed with you promised she wasn’t done with you yet.” Josh informed me.

I really shouldn’t be turned on by what Josh was insinuating, but I was. If she was intent on giving as good as she got, then that meant she was giving me a shot. Only someone who cared would bother, right? I hoped so anyway, because her touch and the way her eyes lit when we were close, had me yearning for more of it. I wanted to make her laugh like she did today, and not because she was laughing at my expense, but because I made her happy. I wanted to be the first and only one to see if her moan was as sexy as that laugh, and to make her moan over and over again.

These thoughts were having a noticeable effect on my southern region, and I needed to get it under control before I got even more crap from Josh for it. I would save those thoughts for later when I was alone, but for now, if I planned on winning this sexual war I had just been called into, I would need help.

“You’re right, Josh. Ari isn’t like most girls, so if I’m going to have any chance at all of holding my own against her, I need you.”

He was smiling as I started talking to him, but by the end of my sentence he was frowning, “Oh hell no, Ash man, you’re on your own. Did you not just hear what I said? This is only the beginning, my cousin is on a mission to drive you mad and she’ll just chew up and spit out anyone that messes with that mission. I like all my body parts un chewed, so I’ll just enjoy the show from the sidelines.”

Chicken, but I had to admit I filled with a sense of pride that my little mate could strike such fear in the heart of someone a good head taller than her, and an Alpha to boot.

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