Chapter 7

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My fist slammed into the first thing I saw as Josh, Gary, and Terrence finally released me from their hold.

“Damn, dad’s not gonna be happy about you putting a dent in his brand new door.” Josh mused.

I began pacing the length of the steps at the school entrance, completely ignoring him. Who the hell cared if the door was dented?! My mate had been touched by that blonde douche she called a ‘friend’, and if MY so called friends had let me, I would’ve dented his face instead of the door.

A growl started low in my chest, steadily building as images of Arianna naked, and writhing under someone who wasn’t me played in my head like a slide show. My gums started to itch and I knew my canines were making an appearance.

“Dude, calm down!” Josh said, taking a small step towards me.

I once again ignored him as the memory of my mates touch on my thigh’s transformed into a picture of her touching what’s his face, Anthony, Adrian, no Adam. Yeah, Adam’s thigh’s. By now my claws were forming and any minute I was about to shift. 

“Oh shit, he’s about ready to shift!” worried Gary.

“Damn it, Ashtyn! Chill the hell out, I don’t want to order you but I will if you don’t listen to me.” Josh warned.

In the far corners of my conscious, I knew Josh was trying to reason with me, but at the forefront of my mind all I could think about was Arianna and Adam. How many times had they been together? What parts of her body did he have the pleasure of enjoying? How far up his ass could I shove my foot? Before I could conjure any more unwanted thoughts, Josh was in front of me being careful of my claws.

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but you’re asking for it. Ashtyn, I order you to calm down and submit!” the authority in Josh’s voice carried the power of an Alpha, not the full force his father had, but enough to have me down on one knee with my head bowed, claws and canines retracting.

Once my body was back to my human form completely, the adrenaline that had been driving my anger vanished, leaving me with an ache in my heart so painful I couldn’t breathe. Arianna had been with another, someone she held close to her heart, a guy that meant something to her. I know I’ve been with a lot of girls, but none of them had a hold on my heart. In the short time I’d known Ari and Adam, I understood they had a close relationship, heck, she already admitted to me that he was important to her. How was I supposed to compete with that?

The weight of the world was suddenly on my shoulders as I remained in my crouched position. 

“You good now, bro?” Josh asked.

I shook my head, eyes still fixed on the concrete ground below me, “Nope, not even close.”

I heard Josh dismissing Gary and Terrence, and the shuffle of their retreating feet as they left, then nothing but the leaves rustling in the wind could be heard. Josh made his way to sit on the steps behind me and called me over to join him. My wolf was silent as I once again obeyed him, and sat on the step next to the railing opposite of the one he was currently leaning against. I rested my head in my hands with my elbows on my knees, I was the picture of defeat.

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