First: He's Just A Kid

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 First: He's Just A Kid

       “Do you like it here?”

       Four years old, thumb sucked in my mouth and dressed in a pretty white dress that seemed to slip off on one shoulder.  Dark hair was pulled in and was covered in a straw hat.

       I glanced up to mom and nodded. 

       We arrived at Ana Bay. 

       The moment I saw the purple pink sky and the sparkling horizon of the ocean, I knew that there was something big coming.  Even though I was only four, I sensed that this wasn’t an ordinary beach.  It was spectacular.        

       Soft clouds covered the heat of the sun and tall trees waved at us as we come in our new little house located at a dead end corner.  The street was quiet and peaceful.  You could hear the loud roaring of the sea from here. 

       It was a late, sunny afternoon.  Dad and mom were busy unloading stuff from the truck: toy boxes, over used books, kitchen utensils, camping equipments and clothes.

       Six year old Andrew and I wandered around, too naïve on what was going on. 

       Little did we know that there was someone watching us from the other side of the scrub that bordered in between the two houses.  An innocent, dark haired boy standing so quietly, observing every move we made.  His tiny hand was wrapped around a mug filled with chocolate drink.  Only when I noticed that the boy had chocolate mustache brushed on his upper lip.  He didn’t even know that his sugary drink almost smudged half of his face.  Andrew began laughing and rudely pointed his finger to the boy’s lip.  Before I could even realize it, I started laughing, too.  What became worse was that my laughter echoed louder than my brother.

       I thought it was the funniest thing ever, until the boy approached me with his over filled chocolate drink which made small waves as he took little steps.  As young as I was, it was hard for me to predict what would happen as a consequence.  So I stood there and giggled absent mindedly.

       Not too long, this innocent little boy took a quick move and suddenly spilled his muggy chocolate drink on my sparkling white dress.  It went dripping down from my chest, tummy and all the way to my feet. 

       I felt sticky.  I felt wet.  I felt angry.  I cried.




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