Chapter 66

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Brianna's P.O.V

I pulled away and hung my head down. Cameron's gonna hate me! He won't ever love me again. And what about Izzy? Of course she would choose her own brother over me! I can't lose the love of my life and my best friend! Stupid Dillon!

I quickly stand up and brush off my clothes. I tell everyone that I'm tired and head back to my room. When I walk in a camera is sitting in front of the bed and Cam is sitting in front of it typing on his phone. He looks up when he hears the door close and smiles.

"Come her baby, lets make that video now!" He says patting next to him. I laugh and plop down next to him. Izzy walks out of the bathroom with Nash before we start.

"What were y'all doing in there?" I ask raising an eyebrow. All four of us start laughing. "They just did the 'boyfriend does my makeup' tag. It was a little scary." Cam says showing me a picture of how Izzy turned out.

"Is that lipgloss, on your eye?" I ask Izzy looking closer at the picture. She rolls her eyes and glares at Nash.

"Yes it is. The bottle said eye popping shimmer, so he thought you literally put it on your eyes." I laughed and handed Cam his phone back. "Iz, turn on the camera!" I said situating myself so that I looked okay in the camera. She rolled her eyes and turned it on.

"Hey guys! Its Cameron, and I'm here with my beautiful girlfriend Brianna! Today we decided to be super original and do the boyfriend/girlfriend challenge!" After he finished the intro I pulled up the questions.

"Okay, I'm going first! Where did we meet?" I ask turning towards Cam.

"Oh, that's an easy one! Obviously at Magcon!" He answers proudly. "What Magcon?" I ask. "uhh... oh at um Nashville!" He yells. I rub my ear and nod. He laughs and kisses my ear.

"Okay my turn! Where was our first date?"he asks me. "Oh, uh, all over! We were still in Nashville and it started in a limo, then a hotel room, and it ended at a basketball game!" I answer remembering the day like it was yesterday. He smiles and nods.

"Okay um, what was your first impression of me? We can both answer this but you first." I say.

"Well I thought, ZAYMN she is finee!" Cam says. I laugh and playfully punch him. "Nah, I thought, wow she is beautiful and funny! A double plus! But you really reminded me of Izzy, not looks but personality wise." He answered honestly.

"Well by first impression is it like when I found you on Vine or in person?" I ask because there was a difference. "Um person." He says. "Okay well I thought, oh my god he's even hot in person! Then I thought, wow he really is just a big sweetheart and is funny and caring." I say looking in his eyes smiling. He grins back at me. We both just stare at eachother for a little but before Izzy steps into the video frame and snaps her fingers in our faces.

"Sorry to ruin the moment but this video is gonna be an hour long."

---------------------------------------------"okay last question, do you have nicknames for each other?" I ask Cameron.

"Umm, I mean I call you baby a lot, does that count?" I nod and then think of all the embarrassing nicknames for him.

"I call Cam, Cammy, Cameroon, Camers, Cammypoo," Cameron cut me off there.

"Alright I think that's good, thanks." He says putting his face in his hands. In the background you can hear Izzy dying of laughter. I laugh too but then ruffle his hair.

"Aye, you know I love you." I say laying across his lap. He takes his face out of his hands and smiles down at me. "I know. I love you." Oh my god I can't tell him now, what is wrong with me. He leans down and pecks my lips.

"Alright before you have a make out session could you end the video!" Nash yells from across the room. We both start to laugh and Cam does his closing before shutting off the camera. I giggle before sitting up from his lap. He hugs me and we just sit there in each others arms.

I am a horrible person.

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