Chapter Eleven

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As Foxy, Freddy, and Frexy continued to shop, Springtrap decided to roam the store to pass the time, he went through each aisle to see if he needed anything for his home but he didn't find anything of his interest, he went off to find the others but all of a sudden remembered that he saw a movie store across from Bed Bath & Beyond when they arrived, he wanted to pick up some new movies to watch, he was tired of watching them on his phone and worries about them taking up too much space on it, without Freddy noticing, he decided to leave the store and began to walk to the movie store, which was Blockbuster.

Freddy, Foxy, and Frexy were in the pillow aisle trying out different pillows, Frexy was testing them out by hugging pillows that were handed to her by Freddy and Foxy, they needed to make sure Frexy found a pillow that was comfortable for her to sleep on at night, luckily she was able to find the perfect one and placed it in the cart.

"Hey Frexy, want a pillowcase?" Foxy asked her as he was holding one with music notes scattered all over it "I'm asking because I found this one and I'm wondering if you want it."

Frexy took a glance at it and nodded her head, Foxy smiled and placed it in the cart with her other things, Freddy then began to push the cart but quickly stopped when something clicked his mind, he felt like he was missing someone, then he remembered who it was.

"Has anyone seen Springtrap?" Freddy asked them. "Frexy, can you go look for him? if you find him, just grab his ear and drag him back here."

Frexy giggled a little bit and ran off to go find Springtrap, Foxy looked at Freddy with an angry look on his face and his arms crossed.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Freddy asked him.

"Why are you letting our Frexy do that? You know she's too innocent to treat him like that!"

"Look, I'm sorry, Foxy!"

"Apology accepted." Said Foxy suddenly. "And promise me not to let Frexy do mean things like that to our friends, you got that?"

"Y-yes..." Replied Freddy nervously.

As Frexy was looking for Springtrap, she wasn't paying attention and ended up bumping into another animatronic on accident, causing her to fall to the ground.

Frexy looked up to see a vixen holding out her hand in front of her, she had bright red fur, dark red hair with a purple flower with a gem in the center, she wore silver glittery eye shadow on her eyes, around her neck was a silver necklace with a sapphire in the shape of a heart with silver surrounding it, and a dress with pink on the top, blue on the bottom, and purple on the center with the bow in the back, Frexy was left speechless, she held out her hand and grabbed the other vixen's hand and got off of the ground.

"Sorry I bumped into you, are you alright?" The vixen asked Frexy.

Frexy didn't reply, she was distracted by how beautiful the other vixen looked, she kept staring into her lapis lazuli eyes, she was deep in thought until she shook her head and went back to reality.

"Yeah, I'm alright, sorry if I didn't repl-" Frexy was cut off as the other vixen placed her fingers on Frexy's lips.

" don't have to apologize, it's fine." Said the vixen "well...since we just met...let's introduce ourselves, my name is Jessie, Jessie Collins, what's your name?"

"I'm......F.....Frexy...." Answered Frexy nervously.

"Frexy, That's an adorable name, I like it."

Frexy and Jessie were left quiet, they stared into each other's eyes for awhile until Frexy remembered that she was told to look for Springtrap.

" was nice meeting you, I have to go back to looking for Springtrap."

Frexy handed a piece of  paper to her and said;

"If you want to visit me, that's my location, I would love to see you there and maybe we could.....hang out?"

"That would be great! I would like to hang out with you! That will give us an opportunity to know each other more."

Frexy smiled, she was surprised of how excited Jessie was to hang out with her, Frexy then waved at Jessie as she was walking off, Jessie waved back at her. This was going to be a day the two vixens will never forget.

[note: in The Final Night world, this is how Frexy and Jessie met, I know Jessie wrote a fanfiction about her and Frexy meeting at the beach but remember, this is my perspective]

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