Chapter 5 Dora the Explorer

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Chapter 5

Even for an 18 year old, the park was fun. It helped me get my mind off things. I know Ivy Rose felt the same.

My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts.

The standard ringtone that was my only option on the thing blared out across the park, gaining me stares from multiple people, making me blush.

“RING RING RING,” I answered it quickly.

“Love," Mum’s voice said, “I’m making dinner. Come home now.”

“Okay, bye” I replied.


She was making dinner? Uh oh, we had better go quickly before the whole building burst into flames!

Mum used to be a terrific cook, before everything. After that, she was never the same, burning and over or under cooking everything.

We got back home in time to see Mum take perfectly baked rolls out of the oven and set them on the table.

“I guess I got my knack back,” She said, smiling.


Dinner was actually amazing. Ivy Rose and I are still in shock, and we just finished.

After the table was cleared, Mum said, “Claudette, we have to talk.”

I followed her into the bedroom. Ivy Rose was entertaining Malli and Daisy out in the living room.

“Yes Mum?” I asked once we were both seated on the bed. I could tell by the look in her eyes that I was not going to like what she said next.

I was right.

“Claudette, it’s obvious that Ivy Rose isn’t ready to go out into the world yet,” Mum said.

I nodded, agreeing.

She continued, “We can’t leave here. This is the only place with an affordable rent in a decent community for miles. We need to stay here. Today I called your brother, Zayn-“

“You what?!” I exclaimed.

“Let me finish,” She said, “Anyway, I called Zayn and asked him if you could come live with him and go on tour with him. He checked with Simon, and said yes.”

Then everything went black.


“Well I would have blacked out, too,” I heard Ivy Rose say. I opened my eyes.

“Mum?” I said.

“Mum! She’s awake!” Ivy Rose called down the hall.

“Thank goodness you’re okay!” Mum exclaimed, rushing in.

“I’m fine, just…surprised,” I said, recalling the events of yesterday afternoon.

***Ivy Rose’s POV***

Once again, it’s all my fault. I know Claud doesn’t want to leave. She hates Zayn. I do, too, but not like her. I should be going instead of her.

***Claudia’s POV***

Mum explained everything to me. I managed to listen without fainting this time. I don’t want to leave! But I have to. For the family. Poor Ivy Rose feels awful. So does Mum. I’m on my way to Abby’s now.

I knocked on the door and Abby answered it.

“Claud! What’s the matter?” Abby asked, reading my face.

I explained everything to her, right there on the porch. I started to cry.

“I l-leave tomorrow,” I sobbed.

“Oh, Claud! It’ll be alright! Everything will go perfect and we’ll stay in touch, okay?”

I nodded. I heard a loud crash and saw Luke on the ground, crying. Abby sighed.

“I’d better go,” She said, “I’ll miss you so much! Luv ya’s!”

“Luv ya’s, too,” I said, hugging her.

She went to Luke, and I trudged back home.


Once I got home, I packed my few remaining belongings that I hadn’t sold throughout the recent years. I put then into Mum’s old, small, bright yellow suitcase.


That night, I slept horribly. My brain kept replaying Zayn’s and my fight, from way back when, making it worse each time. I don’t even know what happened that was so horrible, but I woke up at 2 am with tears streaming down my face. At that point, I decided just to stay up since we had to leave at 2:30, anyway, and there was certainly no way I could fall back asleep.

I went to wake up the others. We are all extremely heavy sleepers and nearly impossible to wake up, even the little ones.

I started with Ivy Rose and Mum. I pulled off their blankets and started jumping on their bed. “WAKE UP!!!” I screamed. They woke up and sleepily got out of bed.

I headed over to the sleeping bodies of Malli and Daisy. Aw, they look so adorable sleeping! Now I pulled off their blankets and started singing the ‘Dora the Explorer” theme song. LOUDLY. Well, the catchy part anyway. “DORA DORA THE EXPLORER! DORA DORA THE EXPLORER!” I sang that part of the song over and over until they both got out of bed. They were giggling insanely.

Finally, we were all ready to leave.


We pulled up at the airport after a mostly solemn ride there. The ride was quiet, but on either side of me Daisy and Malli were singing the Dora theme song. Still.

Outside of the gates, I said my goodbyes. After this I was on my own until I got to Doncaster, England, where the boys had their new flat.

 I hugged everyone goodbye and promised to keep in touch. I waved and headed off towards the terminal.

***Lailany’s (Mum’s) POV***

Sadness seeped through me as I dropped off Claudette outside the gates. It was the only way, but a devastating one at that. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t complain. Poor, innocent Claudette, who saved the family. What will we do without her?

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