Chapter 10: Mach Schau!

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The Book.

The damn book. All John had to do was open it to the page where he originally came from, to make contact with it, in order to go back to the past. To his home in Hamburg.

I remembered a quote he once said: "I didn't grow up in Liverpool, I grew up in Hamburg."

The words echoed against my skull, bouncing around in my brain. I felt slightly dizzy; it was like a hole opened three feet above the ground and spit us out onto the floor. We were lying on a cobblestone ground. I felt my cheek pressed against the cold stone ground. A suspicious puddle lay a few inches away from my face. Well, thank you book, I thought, for helping me avoid it.

I opened my eyes slowly to see John next to me. He had fallen in an ungraceful heap. I was splayed out on my stomach. The impact seemed to have taken all feeling out of our previous activity back at the house. I laughed, and the noise faded into the salt air.

"Y/n?" John asked, his face mashed into the ground. He raised his face slowly and looked around. "Where are we...?"

"Trust us to make it to freaking Germany while we were about to..." I didn't finish the sentence, but giggled instead.

"You're such a child," John said. He finally picked himself off the ground and crawled over to me. I saw his longish hair hanging down over his face as he spoke to me. In spite of the cold, I grinned and brought my face up to meet his in a short kiss, still kneeling on the ground. I was aware of the animalistic situation that we were in. Kissing on a dirty Hamburg street, wearing party clothes and probably reeking of alcohol. I tasted the sweat on John's lip; I'm sure he could taste blood on mine as he gently bit down on my lip. He gave my lip one final touch and looked into the puddle that I had just managed to escape. I crawled over and looked into it next to him. We gazed at our reflections and  he put his head on my shoulder, licking at my neck.

"I feel like an alley cat," I mumbled and bit his neck. What was up with me? It must have been the alcohol. I hoped it would wear off soon. I also hoped that this wasn't a dream.

"Animals..." John said softly. "We're all animals."

After this philosophical statement we watched our reflections in the puddle for a while until someone behind us yelled "Idioten... Verdammt betrunkene kinder."

John flipped him off. The man walked away, his long coat waving in the winds as he carried his crate towards an empty building and disappeared inside.

"Wait... are we in Germany?" John said. I could feel energy vibrating off him. He was so excited to be back in familiar territory. His words jumbled over themselves as he spoke. "Bloody hell... we're in HAMBURG!" He screamed out the word Hamburg, and jumped up, whooping and prancing like a madman.

"Wait," John bent down and looked at me questioningly. "We are in Hamburg, aren't we?"

I looked around at a few men in tight pants unloading things from the ships. The word Teddy Boys came into my mind.

"This certainly looks like Hamburg; I remember being here at this exact dock a couple weeks ago," John said. At that moment, one of the men unloading walked towards us and spoke in a thick German accent.

"You, you play..." the man mimed strumming a guitar. John's eyes widened and he nodded.

"Is good, but no wake at five, early, quiet," the man grumbled. John nodded wordlessly, and when the man had made it back to the docks, he half whispered, half screamed, "I'm BACK, baby, I'm back!"

"You didn't like 2013?" I teased him.

"Charming, with your rubix cubes and telly the size of the Queen's palace but I am glad to be back, you know what I mean?" he responded.

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