I H.A.T.E: How Annoying Teenagers get Envoled

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I walked to English with Chris hanging on to my hands. I was still in shock by his confession, but I honestly I had a crush on him every since I met him.

We took a seat and Savanna slid right next to me.

"O.M.G Alcyone! He is so in love with you!" she sqealed

"Come on Savanna. He must be going through a phase. This relationship will be over. Give it a week." I said back.

"Awww come on girl! That boys loves you like life! Its gonna last. Chris is good on his word. You deserve to be happy and live a little." she said excitedly

"I thought you hated him." I protested

"I USED to. Not when I realized that he was actually pretty decent. He's not like these other hooligans! Trust me, he will do you right. Now let me leave you alone with your new boyfriend....and Im going to talk to my boo." she said getting up and walking to Aaron.

Chris was talking to his best friend Ryan. He seemed like the only one that respected his decision, because he was the only one talking to him. Ryan sat by Mark and Chris turned to me.

"Sorry...he just wanted to let me know that we have soccer practice after school today. So, you never told me any of your hobbies." he said

"Well, I play the piano, guitar, clarinet, and violin. I write and read everyday for leisure. I also play volleyball in my spare time." I answered

"Awesome. I would like to hear you play sometimes." he said smiling.

My mind was in shambles. What the hell Alcyone?! You finally got the girl of your dreams and you're acting like a nut! I had to get it together.

"Chris...can I ask you a question?"


"Are you out of your mind? Like pshyco or something." I said with a deranged face.

He chuckled and scratched his head. Man he looked so cute when he did that. Dammit!!! I seriously need to stop!

"No sweetheart. Not crazy. Just in love." he simply answered.

He said IN LOVE?! He loves me? Who ever thought in a million years that Christopher Vasquez would ever love me? And Im his sweetheart now? Just perfect

"Oh Chris" is all I could say.

He smiled and slowly leaned forward. I was acting so stupid so I just looked at him like a nut. Just then his warm lips touched mine, and my eyes were wide open. He lighty gave me a peck on my lips and withdrawed from my face.

Oh my gosh he just kissed me. My face was flushed and my eyes refused to blink. He smiled and blushed at my reaction. Everybody turned around and looked at the scene. Mrs. Lawrence can over to see what was going on.

"Are you ok honey? You look sick." she asked me.

I quickly came out of my trance and looked at her. "Yes. Im fine. Thanks." I said. 

She patted me and walked away. I looked over at Chris and he was working in his workbook. Then I looked at the class. I gave them a "What the hell are you looking at" glance and got to work.

Why do they have to be so nosy?

*To be Continued*

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