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I looked over my shoulder, suddenly feeling like I was going to get caught any minute.

And I was feeling guilty.

I never should have answered that call. Drake’s father is a touchy subject, I could always tell considering whenever the subject got brought up he would avoid it like the plague. I remember when his dad first walked out on him, my father would try and get Drake to open up and he would just shut down and say he was fine.

That’s when he started getting in a lot of trouble. Don’t get me wrong he had been a trouble maker before, but when his dad walked out that’s when he got really bad. The amount of times he had been caught shoplifting, drunk on the streets, fighting and god knows what else. He would always get picked up by the police and instead of telling them his real address he would always come back to our house.  My dad tried acting like his father, tried to tell him what he was doing wasn’t right but there was only so much he could do.

He ironic thing is, when my dad started working overseas and wasn’t around as often, Drake got sent to prison.

I do remember Drake’s father. I met him a few times when me and Nate would go and knock on his door to see if he wanted to come out. He was always nice to us don’t get me wrong, but there was something about him that made you uneasy. Nate told me once that it was because of his job. Drake’s dad was some sort of powerful big shot, and I had a funny feeling whatever his career was it wasn’t exactly legal.

I put the phone on the coffee table, realising I had an arm to sew up.  As I walked up the stairs I debated on telling him I answered the call, but to be honest I was kind of scared. When it comes to his personal life, especially his father, Drake wasn’t the easiest person to talk to.

So I made the decision any coward would. I would keep my mouth shut and hope his dad would forget the fact I called him a douchebag and took up the personal role of Drake’s secretary.

Not my greatest plan, but probably not my worst.

I reached the bathroom door, deciding to take another mouthful of the vodka in my hand. Not only for Dutch courage this time but also to calm my guilt. Jesus, who knew I could feel such things?

I opened the door to the bathroom and saw him sat on the closed toilet reading the label on a white bottle of pills.

He looked up at me “I think this shit is illegal in at least 7 different countries.”

“At least we know it’s good shit so less pain for you.” I tell him, and he nods his head telling me I have a point “Take one.”

He looked up at me with a confused look, before a small guilty smile appeared on his face “What would you do if I said I’ve already popped 3?”

I looked at him wide eyed “You’ve taken 3 of the illegal Mexican painkillers?!”

He let out a nervous chuckle “Probably not my smartest move.”

I walked over to him and snatched the bottle out of his hands and began to read the label in a panic. Not only is he at risk of bleeding to death but now there’s a chance this moron could overdose.

“I swear to god if you start fitting and foaming at the mouth, I will electrocute you.” I threaten through clenched teeth, breathing a small sigh of relief as I read the side effects. “Right, you should be fine from what I can read on there.”

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