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The warm water was cascading down my cold trembling shell, tears mingling with the warm drops on my face. My back was facing him, as he was in the bathroom with me, refusing to grant me privacy.

He was leaning with his left side against the pristine white wall, his back in my direction. His head bent down with his eyes glued to the floor. I knew, I had turned around enought times just to check if he was looking at me, to check the mirror on the opposing wall if his eyes where leering at me.

I hated every second I stood in the shower, my nakedness in his presens sent shivers throughout my entire body. I just wanted to finnish quickly, to get out of there. I harshly scrubbed at my skin and hair, rushing to get out of there while still trying to get clean. Two days of cold sweat, tears, bile, and sheer terror clung to my body like some sort of sick perfume, and I scrubbed myself raw trying to get ridd of it.

"You need to finnish up" His voice blending in with the rushing sound of water.

"Ok" I answered as I turned the dial, cutting off the water.

I looked over my shoulder, his back was still turned towards me. I backed up, reached behind me, and opened the shower door. I bent down and picked up the towel which I had dropped onto the white tilled floor earlier.

I hurredly dried myself with the soft towel, and wrapped it around myself.

"Im done" The words soft, barly audible.

"Good" He sighed, then added as he walked into the bedroom. "I will bring you something to sleep in"

I looked down at the white tiles, as I just stood there waiting for him, afraid to move, afraid to make him mad, afraid to displease him.

His shadow fell on the tiles in front of me. I looked up, meeting his dark gaze. I took the small pile of clothes he held out to me, pressing them to my chest. My eyes quickly found the floor again.

"Change, brush your teeth, and join me in the bedroom." The words where commanding, not matching his silky smooth voice at all.

"Y..Yes" I gave a nod.

The door closed, and I dropped the towel, rushing into the night clothes. A pair of black cotton panties, and a red cotton nightgown with spagetti strapps. The nighgown cut right below my butt, making it shorter than I would have prefered it to be. I bent down, and picked up the used towel, and put it in the laundry basket. Then I proceded to brush my teeth, quickly, but thoroughly, getting ridd of the taste of bile as well as two days worth of bad breath.

I joined him in the dimly lit bedroom. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, still dressed. It looked like I was the only one who was going to bed. My shoulders sank, relief flooding me.

"Come, lie down one the bed" He reached over, and pulled back the blanket on my side.

I walked over, apprehension coating my every step as I passed him to get to my side of the bed. I sat down on the edge, then lied down on my side with my face towards the beds edge. I felt the bed move as he got up and walked over to me. His every step creating a new knot in my stomach.

"Turn around, lie on your back." My heart rate increased at his calm command. Every fiber in my being screamed for me not to listen to him, but fear ruled me now. I knew what breaking rule number three would entail, and I could not endure that punishment again. At least not so soon. I really had only one option left to me, complying with his every demand.

I turned over, my back pressing against the matress. He came closer. I tensed as he leaned over me. The sweet scent of cedar and lemmon brushed against my nostrils.

God, please no, no no... no.. please.. he promised..he..

"Put your hands above your head" I halted for a heartbeat before I complied, raising my trembling hands above my head as he instructed.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

I could hear my hearbeat in my ears now, as I drew in several air shallow breaths of air.

His warm hand took a hold of my left hand, and pulled it into the position which he wanted, slightly to the left and a bit higher up. Suddenly a soft fuzzy material went around my wrist, followed my a click. He tightened the circle around my wrist and let go. I pulled, my arm was stuck. I bent my head up, giving me a slight view of the headboard, and at my hand, now cuffed to the headboard by a chain with a black furry cuff at the end. My eyes widened, as he grabbed my other hand, and pulled it towards the other cuff. I tried to pull my hand out of his iron grip, but to no awail. He only tightened his hold on my hand. A soft click later, and I was strapped to the bed, both my hands bound, completly at his mercy.

"Please.." I whimpered, begging him.

He pulled back, and I could see his face again. His cold mask softended as he reached out and pinched the tip of my nose.

"Calm down. Your punishment is done." He said, his voice soothing.

"If its over, why are you cuffing me to the bed! You promised that you wouldnt.. that you.." He cut me off by pressing his finger firmly against my trembling lip.

"I am not cuffing you to the bed to punish you." He stated. "I have to entertain a guest downstairs, and I cant trust you enough to let you roam about the house while I am working." My eyes widened at his mention of a guest.

"Who is down there? What are you going to do?" I uttered as I pulled on the restraints, trying to free myself.

"No one you know, and nothing you need to know. Now go to sleep, I will join you when I finnish." His silky voice slid across my skin. "See you in a bit love." His breath on my cheek, as he planted a chaste kiss, his warm lips brushing against me. I stopped pulling on the restraints, and relaxed back agaisnt the bed.

I watched as he leaned back from me, pushed off of the bed, and walked over to the door. He gave me a last thoughtfull look before he flipped the switch by the door, the room going from dimly lit to complete darkness.

"P.. pl..please dont close the door all the way." I begged him, not wanting to be left bound, all alone in the darkness. My heart thundered in my chest as I drew small shallow breath of air into my lunges.

"There is nothing to be afraid of love." He tried to comfort me.

"Thats rich" The words left my mouth before I could stop myself. I wanted to kick myself for my stupidity, but my frozen body would not comply.

"You have nothing to fear from me as long as you follow the rules." His dark cinnamon gaze bore into my terrified eyes. "I do not wish to punish you. It gives me no pleasure at all."

"Liar" I whispered thinking he wouldnt hear me, I was oh so wrong.

"Love" His silky voice drawled. "If I were to punish you for pleasure you would know it, you wouldnt be able to contain those cute little moans I love to hear, from escaping those soft lush lips of yours."

I felt heat rush to my face, and hoped that the dark room would hide my flushed cheeks from his prying eyes. The knowing smirk that crossed his lips as he left, leaving the door slightly ajar, crushed that hope, he had seen the shamefull reaction his words elicited from me.

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