50. Thoughts And Daydreams

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I watched Leane smiled sleepily as she succumb into sleep. She was spent after our love making and I could see exhaustion overcame her.

I stroked her hair gently as I held her in my arms. Her eyes flickered under closed eyelids that were rimmed with thick lashes as her breathing became even.

She was truly a sight to behold. A sheen of sweat covered her entire naked form, making her skin glow under the amber light. I restrained myself from the urge to run my fingers all over her body again. I knew she was exhausted and in need of a good rest.

My mind replayed back to a few minutes ago when she writhed and squirmed under me. The things that I did to her and how her entire being responded to me.

Nobody ever told me about the joy and the immense pleasure that came with the intimacy with the woman you love. Nothing prepared me for such privilege of giving and receiving true love in such a glorious way.

I wrapped my arms around Leane's body tighter and buried my nose in her hair, inhaling the scent of roses mixed with her own and mine. It was intoxicating and addictive...

I awoke later in the morning as the sunlight glided between the folds of the curtain.

I marveled at my finding. Leane was still in my arms, sleeping peacefully with not even a string attached to her body. I couldn't wipe the wide smile that threatened to split my face in two.

Last night was really happening.

I gazed at the beautiful creature on my arms as our bodies intertwined in tangled limbs. I must had done something right to deserve such a precious gift.

Leane stirred lightly in my arms before her eyelids opened slightly. I was happy to find that the blue hue that was on her eyes was now completely gone, the shining dark orbs of hers that I love so much emerged magnificently.

"Good morning, my wife," I greeted her softly with a smile as I brushed her cheek with my thumb.

Leane blinked up at me before smiling sleepily.

"Good morning, husband," she replied with a contented smile. Sleep rimmed her voice and I found it endearing to hear.

I leaned down and captured her lips in mine in a slow and passionate kiss. I ran my hands on both her shoulders down to her arms, savoring the feeling of her skin brushed under my palm.

Far on the corridor outside the room, I could hear footsteps approaching. It must be the maid servant.

A frustrated groan escaped my lips but seemed that Leane took it as one of excitement that she pulled me closer to her and kissed me more passionately. Her hand traveled dangerously downwards and I had to stop her before I cannot think straight.

Despite the fact that I wanted to take her again, I chuckled into our kiss. Leane pulled away in inquiry and tilted her head in confusion.

"Why did you stop?" she protested.

"Your maid servant is on the way here," I told her as I brushed her dark hair.

A blush crept on her cheek as understanding dawned on her and I laughed lightly.

"So I misread your groan as excitement and proceeded to molest you afterwards," she stated in shame.

"It sounds rather bad when you put it that way, melleth nin," I replied with amusement. "Though I do not mind being molested by such a beautiful girl like you," I muttered, kissing her soft lips.

We finally heard a knock on our door. Leane looked at me intently and smirked when she heard me sigh.

She squirmed to get out of my arms and I reluctantly freed her, plopping my head on the pillow.

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