sing for me my love (Slash x Female prego reader)

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ok so this is for Freshy_sans your welcome and if your a boy im so sorry, i will remake it.

also, schools over *throws hands in air and dances* ok well that means more updates? i think i mean i applied for a job but im not sure if i got it.


Slashes P.O.V

'its been a long time since i went back to being good and stop trying to kill Raphs brothers, they accept me as one of their own but can never forgive me for what i have done but we made amends. (i dont care if you like evil slash i love my version of him.) i am now happily married to aprils twin sister (Y/n), who is pregnant right now and has a voice the heavens would be jealous of.' i thought as i stared at the ceiling "Slash, why are you still awake?" i heard her loving voice from next to me on the bed "hu oh its nothing honey go back to sleep." i told her "did you have another nightmare?" she asked "its fine." i told her not wanting to get her worried "no, tell me."" she said looking at me with worry in her eyes "fine, i had a dream that they brainwashed me into thinking you wanted to kill me so-" i was cut off by my own tears "baby no." she said hugging me "its ok, im here im not gonna hurt yo ever" she said soothingly  "w-w-will you sing for me." i asked after i stopped crying "of course" she said before putting on some background music 

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i started to sing my favorite song this will be the day  (couldn't find the lyrics and sorry if you no like)

when i finished i saw slash peacefully sleeping "love you honey" i said kissing his cheek and going back to sleep.

*time skip t morning*

i woke up to find slash gone i got up and got dressed and walked down to see him in the dojo training so i did what any  goofy 26 year old would do, i wolf whistled/catcalled and walked away into the kitchen to make breakfast only to find the toaster broken "LEO STOP BREAKING THE TOASTER JUST GIVE UP IT DOESN'T LIKE YOU!" i shouted only to hear his wife Kari giggle (i ship it i dont care if there siblings and also shes good now) "Ezzmaye! Donnie screamed from the lab to his girlfriend "nu! you will never catch me!" she said coming in and hugging me. 'this family is chaotic' i thought as i looked at mikey and Renet, and Rph and Monalisa. (? did i spell either ladies names right?)


ok so if your wondering who Ezzmaye is she is my new OC! and i hop you like the story people! 

By Love's ~Marcellus

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