Ch. 19 What classes do we have today?

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September 2, 1991

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September 2, 1991.

Tuesday morning.

Azalea wakes up from her slumber. She sits up straight and stretches. She looks forward and smiles when she sees her roommates, Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass slowly waking up. She gets out of her bed and grabs her green robe and green towel that has her name stitched on it. She quickly runs towards the bathroom which has one shower, one toilet, and one sink.

Five minutes later. 

Azalea turns the water off as she gets out of the shower. She grabs her green robe and puts it on. She grabs her green towel and puts it on her head as she walks out of the bathroom.

" Finally!" Hermione shouts. " You were taking forever" She looks at Azalea as Daphne nods her head.

Azalea rolls her eyes.

" I only took a five-minute shower" She looks at them. " I am going to get dress, and you two can meet me downstairs in the common room" She tells them. 

Hermione and Daphne looked at each other. They both stood up and ran towards the bathroom to see who will shower first. 

Azalea watches them with an amused expression as she takes her robe off and changes into her school uniform. She decided to put her long wavy red hair down as she grabs a headband and puts it on her head. 

" Okay! I am leaving!" Azalea shouts as she turns around and sees Daphne wearing a pouting expression.

Daphne looks at Azalea.

" Hermione beat me" She tells her.

Azalea giggles. 

" I'll be in the common room with the guys if they are there" She tells her.

Daphne nods her head. 

Azalea turns around and walks out of her dorm room. She closed the door behind her. She walks through a hallway and then down the stairs to the common room. She looks at her surroundings and smiles when she sees Draco conversing with Blaise and Theo.

" Good morning, boys" Azalea happily greets them. 

Draco and the boys turned to look at Azalea who is walking towards them. 

" Good morning, Azalea. Are you excited for your first day of classes?" Draco asked. 

Azalea smiles at Draco.

" I am excited. I don't even know what classes we are going to have this year" She tells him.

" Professor Snape is going to pass our schedule at the Great Hall. I suggest we should all go, right now" Theo tells Azalea and the boys. 

" Where are Hermione and Daphne?" Blaise curiously asked.

" They are getting ready" Azalea tells them. 

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