48. To Have And To Hold

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The more I looked at Legolas, the more I grew agitated. When would be the proper time for us to give ourselves to each other? I sighed. 

Legolas turned his head at me, as if sensing my eyes on him. I looked away, pretending to look intently at a drinking game Gimli and Eomer was playing. I took a sip at my drink nervously.

The moment the liquid entered my throat I choked. What the heck was that?! It freaking tasted awful. My rib hurt at the violent cough it caused.

The hobbits laughed beside me and gave each other a toss with their mugs. Pippin smirked smugly at me and I squinted my eyes at all of them, already planning their untimely death for their pranks. But upon seeing Frodo and Sam I withdrew my intention to at just least glare at them.

"Leane," said Legolas who already stood beside me, "Are you alright?" he asked, concern etched in his brilliant blue eyes. 

"Yes, I'm fine," I said clearing my throat, "Just drinking from the wrong glass."

Legolas peered his eyes at the mug in front of me and chuckled.

"You drank ale," he stated.

"Yes. It was terrible," I mumbled. "They switch my glass. I will get back to those hobbits next time and get even," I said a little too loud for the hobbits to hear me.

"Bring it on, Leane!" exclaimed Pippin, laughing–probably a bit drunk himself.

"I will help you get even, melleth nin," said Legolas, looking at me with mock seriousness.

Apparently Merry and Pippin didn't realize Legolas was joking, and their faces paled a little, while Frodo and Sam pretended not to see a thing. Simply put, the look on the hobbits' faces were priceless. I stifled a laughter but failing. Instead, a snort that resembled more to a pig laugh escaped my lips and I froze when I saw Legolas' eyes widened in astonishment at the sound I made.

I wasn't even drunk.

"Eru, did that really just happen?" he asked in amazement.

I felt so embarrassed and I was sure that my face right now was as red as scarlett.

Legolas was still stunned and unmoving, until all of a sudden he broke into a laughter. Hard.

"Legolas!" I scolded him in embarrassment and I pinched his side playfully.

The hobbits were laughing along with him. That moment I thought my face was burning with embarrassment. However, I couldn't help but laughed a little at my own stupidity. Heck, where had that pig laughter came from?

I was secretly enjoying seeing Legolas laughing so hard, thoroughly. The fact that he let his emotions slipped, here in the middle of the crowd, was for some reason very attractive and intoxicating to behold.

I wanted time to stop. To see him happy and carefree like this. Like he had no troubles and responsibilities weighing his shoulder. Like he was not a prince and had no reputation to worry about.

Legolas cupped my face in his hand and kissed my temple.

"You are so adorable, melleth nin," he said eventually, still chuckling. "What were you thinking just now?"

I chuckled. I must be like an open book to him. Absent mindedly I leaned in to whisper to his pointy ear.

"Marry me, Legolas."

The laughter in his eyes vanished as he looked down at me. His eyes then traveled to the hobbits beside me who now looked at us curiously.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. May I borrow the lady for a while?" asked Legolas to the hobbits while linking his arm to mine. He didn't even bother to wait for their response.

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