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Dale walks in
Dale: wait are you two official
Johnny: yh but we are keeping it in the dl
Dale: dl???
Johnny: down low
You laugh
Y/n: your my favourite Orlando
Johnny: I'm offended
Y/n:  well your my second  favourite child who isn't related to me i guess
Johnny: whose first 😡
Y/n: hey calm down
You give him a kiss on the cheek
Y/n: first is my sister obviously  your great John but she's my sister
Johnny: I get it Lauren mad darian are my favourites too but your equal to them
Y/n: aweeeeeee
You hug him and don't let go and start to fall asleep on him
Johnny: I hate this! I can't lie to her! I love ger dad!
Dale: sorry but you can't tell her that kenzie wants jenzie to be real
Johnny: kenzie will hurt her
Dale: I know that's why we are moving to canada 🇨🇦
Dale: really?!
Johnny: yh I can't wait to tell her. When are we leaving?
Dale: 2 days so start packing
Johnny taps you and you wake up
Y/n: really?!!
Johnny: yep we are leaving in 2 days
Y/n: I'm gonna go pack
You run upstairs excited and you jump up and down
You get your suitcases and pack everything except pyjamas tooth brush tomorrow clothes and hair brush and make up
Johnny: you packed
Y/n: yh I'm so excited how many days we staying for?
Johnny: you don't get it do you? We are moving there,
Y/n:I know but I need to come back here so I can go back home coz my plane back is from here to uk plus  my cousins live in missuagua can I go see them?
Johnny: of course you can see them and your probably leaving with my mum or dad.😣😪
Y/n: wait will we still be together when I go home?
Johnny: of course nobody is special like you
Y/n: you mean it?
Johnny: obviously and I'm not joking
He kisses your fore head
Y/n: I can't wait to leave!!!!
Johnny: me too 😅
Both: I love you

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