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" cold , reckless and hungry ! " I yelled at my mother while carrying my luggage down the stairs she threw more of my clothes at me " you don't give a fuck about your kids !" I yelled at her picking up my remaining clothes that covered the stairs

My little brother and sister stood at the bottom of the steps scared grabbing all my bags and stuff I opened the front door allowing my sister and brother to step out before me

We began walking down the street it was very hot out looking around I hope to find somewhere cheap for us to stay it's time for me to step up and take care of my brother and sister since my mom won't

After walking far I found a small motel a two bed room paying we walked into the room " you two can sleep in here together okay ?" I told jay and my little sister navida " I don't want to sleep with her " jay complained " fine you can sleep in that room by yourself while I sleep with navida

He smiled picking up my three year old sister I placed her on the bed she laid down going to the door I locked it and looked outside the window no one was outside

My little brother jay is thirteenth and very smart " jay can you watch your sister while I go get us some food ?" He sighed " sure , are you going to take long ?" I shook my head " no I'll be back real quick okay ?" Handing him my backup phone he smiled

Both my phones was on mostly because I let my little brother borrow it a lot leaving the motel I walked down the street to a nearby gas station standing outside a group of guys was in front of the gas station

Seeing some lady get out of her car I looked at her with pleasing eyes " excuse me ma'am do you happen to have any change I need to feed m-" she looked at me rudely handing me a dollar

Some tall dark skin guy walked out of the small store with a black bag in his hand he was really handsome , but yet he looked very mean he walked over to his car going inside

The group of guys began saying things about him I over heard there conversation " I wish I could be like him he run these streets " a guy whispered going inside the store I spent the twelve dollars I had to buy some wings and fries and also some drinks for the house

Walking to the motel I went inside the room to see navida sleep and jay on the phone playing a game grabbing a plastic plate that I also bought i put a few wings and fries on handing it to jay

Getting the plastic cup I poured some juice in it giving it to him he went to his room sitting on the bed I got on my phone strolling on Instagram

Seeing the same guy I seen from the store some girl has tagged him so I clicked it which led me to his Instagram turns out he sell drugs it wasn't obvious that he do sell , but after all the lurking I did

" nic it's a park down the street can I go please ?" Jay begged " jay you know how I feel about you being out at nicki " he stale faced me " I can take care of myself , I got your phone I'll call you " I just looked at him " before the street lights " he ran outside shaking my head I got back on my phone

After a while it began to get dark jay came inside I felt relief " I met some new friends " I just nodded locking the door he went to his room " shower please ? You stank " he just laughed in went to his room

After a while I got tired I feed Navida took a shower bathe her then went to sleep after hours of sleeping I went out to find breakfast standing outside the same store I begged after making up to twenty I got breakfast and applied for a job at this family restaurant that was hiring

Call the Williams buck after I applied the lady informed me it was only for family , but after explaining her that I needed a job close by and that I had no one to watch my sister and brother she said she would see what she can do

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