Forgiven (Short Chapter)

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Nobody POV for the whole thing))

The 911 people came in and saw the mess that Tom made, but they didn't know. They took in the stabbed Edd, the injured Matt, and the depressed Tord. Tom just stared and stood there, blood on hands, pale as a paper, and shaking violently like a (vibrator) puppy on wheels. He eventually broke down and went onto his knees. He thought with disbelief,

Why did I do this ?

How did I do this ?

He kept thinking and thinking. Then he sighed, going back to the burning house, wishing he stayed in that burning house.

O N E  Y E A R  L A T E R

Tom was with the boys. They all forgave Tom because they thought everyone deserves second chances, like Tord. Tom drank less after but for the others well . . . Edd and Matt were better, but for Tord. Well, he's alright, it's just that he had to stay longer in the hospital due to a docter accidentally stabbing him with the wrong syringe.

 Tord stared at the ground. Thinking,

They still don't know my disorder . . .

Should I tell them ?

Can I ?

May I ?

No, they will still hate me . . .

Tord stayed quiet for the rest of day.

Not many fights happened.

Not many special events happened.

Until something happened.

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