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The Romeo And Her Juliets

Third Person POV

In a world where romance is presumed dead, a world that has no roses and chocolates anymore, that doesn't sound very adequate, not for (Y/N) at least.

Chivalry is not dead, Love is not dead, the stories where the Prince rescued the Princess are not just a fairy tale, why should they just remain on the one paper and not to become true. That's why she became like this, at the lack of a man in her life she decided to carry the burden in her own hands, to be the Prince everyone wants to meet, to be the one that makes boys t burn in jealousy.

But, despite of all the hearts she has managed to conquer, despite all the screams from her fangirls, there's no one that makes her happy. She has the whole girls in the world prepared to do anything for her, some of the girls ever have planned murder just to capture her heart, fortunately, their plains never became true.

This story is how her curse came to an end, how her heart was captured by not one but by nine Juliets waiting for their Romeo. So let's start...

Once upon a time...

Time skip: The Next Day

"I'm so tired" I launched myself into my new bed inside of my new apartment away from home at Tokyo. Finally, I convinced my parents to let me free at least for one of year of my life while I still can.

So their decision, sending to a town that looks peaceful enough for me not to make a ruckus or to build an army of crazy fangirls who always send love letters to my home. Or to plan a massive revolution inside of a school just because a teacher put me a bad note. In my defense, he was looking for it, he failed me just because his daughter wanted to be my girlfriend and I rejected her.

I sighed and sat up in the edge of my bed and turned to look through the winnow of my new apartment. Uchiura, a coastal city with recent rumors, well not rumors but something from here is starting to sound a lot in Tokyo.

Aqours, I believed that was the name of the idol group that is becoming very popular and is even threatening to win the next Love Live.

Well, I have no business with them just yet. The only thing I can say about them is that one of their members, the blonde one, is also the principal of their school and thanks to her I got the permission to wear pants and tie inside of the school!

I'm so relieved, I'm not comfortable wearing skirts, it is like having an open window for everyone to look at my undergarments and apart from that it's very cold sometimes!

She gave just one condition though; they want me to be their trainer for something. If I recall, she wanted me to flirt with them...

I believe their exact words were "I can't wait to see Dia nervous" or something like that, I honestly stopped listening when she told me the condition for me to use pants.

Anyways, I should rest today, tomorrow is my first day in school.

Time skip: The Next Day. Start Of Classes

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