Remake fanfic (updated storyline)

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Welcome to this remake of a Devil's Rose


You're Nero but the DmC 5 Nero
So you have the metal/robotic badass arm

Basically you lived with your father Vergil.
Your mother walked out on you at the age of 4.
At age 10 Vergil died protecting you.

Ironwood found you but he had no intentions of helping you, he wanted your arm.
Through years and years of experimentation he cuts your arm off and discards you.

Believing that you're dead, ironwood starts to harness demon energy with your arm.
But you were in the shadows, training.
You came across renowned scientist Jenni Opal. (Jenni_thewolffaunus oc)
She took you in and eventually adopted you.
She built you a mechanical arm and now you were ready to fight.

You still hold a deep resentment for Ironwood and your mother.

You are Y/N Opal
And this is your journey to revenge

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