Changing view

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He led me into the white paneled livingroom, and sat down right next to me on the big comfy grey l-shaped couch. There was lots of room to spare on either side of us, but he apparently felt that there was no need for air between our bodies. I glanced around the room, my eyes gliding over several gray bookshelvs filled with books and other knicknacks, then across a row of pictures on the wall, down to the plush white carpet which lay underneath the gray table in front of us, before finnaly settling on the flat screen tv fastened to the wall in front of us.

"Do you want to watch some tv" He asked, his question so mundane. It was not what I had been expecting at all. Im not quite sure what expectations I had fixed to the assassin sitting on my right, but him wanting to watch tv with me was not one of them.

"I guess so." I answered uncertainly, the whole situation just seemed so absured. Sitting next to the man who kidnapped me, about to watch tv, like this was somehow normal.

The tv flickered on as he pressed a button on the remote. A newsbroadcast was the first thing that popped on.

"The dissapearance of Iris Mitchhe.." A picture of me smiling in a white top, taken around this time last year, flashed across the screen for a a second before he quickly changed channel.

My hear skipped a beat at the sight. They are looking for me! Do they have any clue to my whereabouts! I need to know.. I need to..

"Please change back." I begged him, my eyes fixed to the screen now showing the latest episode of Game of thrones. The dragon lady shouting something to the dwarf.

"No." His reply short, cold.

"Please" I grabbed on to his big hand, the one holding the remote, trying to wrestle it out of his grip.

"No" His silky voice hardened, as he pulled the remote out of my grasp, placing it on the table in front of us.

I tried to launch myself at the table to get to the remote. Desperate to know something, anything. He grabbed me before my ass even left the seat, and at the same time pushed me back. The quick move landed me with my back on the couch, with him on top, straddling me, my hands held captive on each side of my head by his iron grip.

"I think its time that we revisited the rules again." His stated as his eyes bore into mine.

"Repeat the third rule back to me." He demanded, and I just looked at him, fuming. Refusing to answer, to bend to his will.

"Repeat the third rule back to me, or there will be consequenses." His voice chilled me to the bone now, and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from answering. My body trempled against him, but I did not relent.

He closed his eyes for a second, and released a sigh.


The weight of his body left mine, just as his firm grip on my wrists dissapeared. He stood beside the couch now, his expression blank as he looked down on me. Suddenly he bent down and lifted me up, throwing me over his shoulder. The air was knocked out of me as my stomach roughly slammed into his shoulder. I fought against him, clawing at his backside, the feeling of deja vu hitting me full on as I started to tremble in fear.

"Please Bryan" I begged, deathly afraid of how he would punish me. The bravery I had exhibited mere moments ago gone in the blink of an eye.

"Please, I promise I will behave, I will be good, I will do anything you say." My desperate voice sobbed against his backside.

He didnt dignify my pleading with any sort of reply, he just kept on walking as I sobbed against him. He walked into the library, down the stairs leading to the basement, through the basement corridor, and stopped at a door I had never entered before. My heart pounded in my chest, about to explode. My eyes widened at the sight of the door, dread filled me as I imagined the torture chamber that lay beyond.

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