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Austin's POV

Here I was standing watching my beautiful, little mate on the hospital mate. She is so fragile and her skin looks so soft. Her long brown wavy hair so silky, so soft, so pretty and elegant not like those blond bimbos who changes there natural hair colour just to look like barbie dolls.

Her lips so pink, so kissable, so soft....oh how much I want to kiss and bite those lips.

Her skin looks so soft and so....pale? And she looks starved why is she so thin?
Does the not feed her and why are there scars om her wrist does she hurt herself?
What does they do to her?

I look upto her eyes, they are closed. Her eyelashes are so thick and so long and so beautiful. I just want to look into her eyes, to hear her melodic voice.

"Please wake up mate, please."

And then I heard a groan coming from her mouth.

And then slowly she opens her big, beautiful blue eyes. So beautiful, God I'm whipped.

Isabella's POV

Blackness all over. All I could see was blackness. Then I heard someone say.

"Please wake up mate, please."

Hmm...so melodic voice, I want to see whose voice is this. I tried to open my eyes but it felt like they were glued together.

I once again tried very hard, and they finally opened and I saw a very beautiful man in front of me.

He had jet black hair, they were a little bit messy. His cheeks were a little red and his soft pink lips, like they were begging to be kissed. He was wearing a blue buisness suit. And lastly his eyes they were sparkling green and it looked like he was looking into my soul.

And then suddenly my wolf Shia said,"Mate, mate, mate. He is are mate. Go to our mate he will save us from this hell hole. Go to him."

"He will just reject us as the pack members told us when he will see our scars." I told her and she just whimpered at my words.

I could handle all of the beating but I don't think I and both Shia could handle the rejection. So, first I saw myself there were no IVs connected to my body, so that means I could run.

Okay, so next step look for the doors and windows. So, there is only one door to my right and in frontof which that mate guy is standing. That means I can't use it.

Now, onto the windows. Hmm....there are two windows in this room, one at my headside which I can't use as he would catch me easily. And the second to my far left. Yup, I'm going to use that for my run.

"Don't even think of running, my little mate."

My eyes widened when I heard him saying that. I slowly looks towards him and he had a smirk on his face. He looks good in that smirk....uggghhh I'mgking out of the topic. Why the hell is he so handsome??

"H-how d-did y-you k-know I-I w-was t-thinking o-of r-r-running?" I managed somehow to get those words out of my mouth, only then I noticed the power he was radiating. This much I know that he is of a higher rank but which rank I could not put finger on it.

"First calm down, why are you stuttring? And for the answer to your question is that I saw you looking around and then I just guessed." He saud smiling.

I looked into his eyes and then I suddenly remembered, I'm not allowed to look into anyone's eyes. I'm going to be punished. My eyes widened and I hurriedly bowed down to him and tried to sit.

He helped me to sit and grabbed my chin. I thought he will now slap or punch me, so I closed my eyes. 

"Hey, why are you scared my mate? Open your beautiful eyes."

I slowly opened my eyes and looked into his eyes and then bowed down.

"Never bow down to me, mate we are equal. So...ummmm....let's introdue each other. Okay?"

I nodded.

"Hello mate, my name is Austin Wilson and in the Alpha of Moon Shadow Pack."

Did he just say that he is the alpha of the strongest pack. My eyes widened.

He chuckled." It's your turn for introduction, little mate."

I am not little my height is just 5'1. Well I know it's short. I sighed silently.

"H-hello, m-my n-name i-is I-Isabella S-Smith
a-and I-I a-am t-the o-omega o-of M-Moon P-Pack, s-sir."

"Hmm, there should be two corrections first is,
you are now the Luna of Moon Shadow Pack and second would be we are equal, you dont need to call me sir." He explained me like he was explaining a little kid.

"Now I want to introduce yourself again with the corrections and please try not to stutter, please." He said with pleading eyes.

I nodded and closed my eyes and took 2 deep breathes. And with closed eyes I introduced myself again.

"Hello, my name is Isabella Smith and I am the
L-Luna of M-Moon S-Shadow P-Pack."

"Hmm that was good improvement Bell. I'm proud of you." He said grinning.

I smiled at the nickname.

Then the door opened and.....

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