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Eve didn't sleep at all that next night. The following mornings she was barely able to drag herself to the common room. The sight of Bucky was glued into her eyelids.

"Good morning," Bucky said and walked into the room. He looked as beat up as her, but he has grown used to it and manages himself better.

"Hey," Eve said quietly and sat at the island counter in the kitchen. Bucky walked around to the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs.

Then, the realization of the gravity of the situation set in all at once. Eve felt her chest constrict, allowing no air in. Without saying anything, she walked to the bathroom.

Bucky was about to ask her something, but when he looked at her again, her face looked panicked and still. Her eyes were normal colored, so what was she seeing?

After she left for the bathroom, Bucky slowly followed her. He watched her close the door quickly before walking to the door.

Eve gripped the edge of the sink as her eyes scattered everywhere. Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest as it felt like a knife drove through it. Eve's breathing spun out of control as she felt like no oxygen was in the room with her. The room felt like it heated to astronomical levels. Her mind began thinking a mile a minute and it was only getting faster.

She heard a soft knock on the door followed by Bucky saying, "Eve, are you okay?" His voice was calm and soft, the complete opposite of his appearance. Eve backed against the wall and shut her eyes tightly.

"Yeah," she croaked out.

"Heartbeat detected rising to a dangerous level. Shall I contact emergency services?" Friday came over the intercom for the entire house to hear.

"Eve, open the door," Bucky tried.

"I'm okay," Eve breathed out calmly to get him away.

"Friday, can you open the door?" Bucky asked and the door opened. Eve stands in the middle of the bathroom, staring at him. Her face is red and her eyes brimmed with tears as her chest bobbed up and down with each breath.

Bucky walked up to her, then stood back to lean against the sink. He waited for her to come back as he watched her. She stood for a moment, paralyzed. Her breathing rate continued at a rapid pace before she began taking deeper breaths.

"It's alright, it's just me," Bucky whispered to try and help bring her back. She moved her eyes from the ceiling down to see Bucky with his arms folded, coolly leaning back.

"I get these too," Bucky said. Eve's breathing was normal, but a little shaky now as her heart rate became manageable. She stood freely from the wall and ran her hands through her hair.

"Thank you for sitting with me," Eve said and offered him a small smile. He could tell she was still a little off. Normally Bucky would have tear stained cheeks.

"Don't worry, it's always alright." Bucky let her be alone for a moment by herself. He knew that's what she would need to recoup. He probably shouldn't have gone in there to begin with, because he liked being alone during those, but he didn't know what was happening.

"How do you like your eggs?" Bucky smiled at her when he spoke as she came out of the hall. Eve couldn't respond at first, it was like something clicked, or at least something she didn't want to notice as it grew.

"Whatever you're having," Eve spoke after a moment. She didn't even know different types of eggs.

Bucky turned around and began frying the eggs on a skillet. Minutes later, he served her eggs and some sausage with toast.

"It's not much, but it is my specialty," Bucky joked with her, making her smile. At the sight, something changed in him, something new. It made him feel better inside, making people smile or doing something good for them.

Eve looked down at the plate of food. She hasn't had something like this in... ever?

"The team should be back today, maybe." Bucky took a huge bite before looking over to her. If she wanted to talk about her panicking, she would bring it up. Otherwise, he wasn't going to mention it.

"Sam is gonna be so mad," Eve laughed quietly with Bucky. He notices some of it still hung in her.

A couple of hours later the Avengers walked back up the stairs looking exhausted and dirty. Natasha fell onto the couch next to Eve as everyone else found a chair somewhere.

"That was exhausting," Nat gasped.

"Maybe if you worked out once in a while," Clint joked in a sarcastic tone.

"Watch it, or I will shove that arrow where the sun doesn't shine," Nat threatened as she sat up to look at him. Clint held his hands up in surrender and backed away.

"I'm glad to see the place is still intact," Tony said as he made it to the top of the stairs.

"What did you do?" Sam yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone looked towards Sam's room but Eve and Bucky looked at each other while trying to hide their smiles. Bucky wink at her just before Sam walked back into the room, drawing Bucky's attention away from Eve.

Night time fell over New York State so all of the Avengers began separating into their rooms. Eve waited in her room until she saw everyone was asleep. Quietly she threw air under her blanket to look like she was still there. Then she turned herself invisible and climbed out of bed. Eve made her way into the hall to walk out and down the stairs. When she was outside, she rose off the ground and headed to the city.

Bucky stirred during the night. He has gotten so much sleep lately he was having trouble getting through the night. Ever so slightly, he heard a door handle click, making him sit up. Slowly, he walked out of his room and to the common room to check the security cameras. He saw everyone in their beds, but something didn't feel right. He switched the thermal camera to see no heat signature in Eve's room.

Bucky walked down the hall and opened her door. He walked over to her bed, pulled the sheets back, and saw the blanket fall to the bed.

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