Prologue (COMPLETED)

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   (-Editer's note- on the side of this is the Rippleclan cats. hope u enjoy them!)


A freckeled gray she-cat sat down by other sparkling cats, sitting in a circle mewing quietly. She stood up.

   "Cats of Starclan." the other cats quieted down."The time has come."

   "For what?" asked a black and white tom.

   "To reveal the prophecy to the clans. Tree and tree will sway in the wind, but one will fall on the clan." she faced the throng of cats."We will give it to the Rippleclan's medicine cat."

   "But that isn't to come for more than many moons!" exclaimed a white tom." It's too early."

   "You saw what happened yesterday, Cottonear!" snapped the freckled gray cat." It's him. I'm sure it is..."

   A dark tabby she-cat stood up to face her."It's time, Rainstorm. You know it is." sympathy spread her eyes."I know it's your son, but you have to accept what he's done to the clans. But don't worry, it's not your fault."

   Rainstorm sighed."I know, Leafpelt, but I just don't wan't to believe what terrible thing he's done. I'll send the prophecy to her as soon as he's a full leader. Then I'll ask Jumpfoot to send it to her." 

   Murmuring spread the cats as they leaped into the forest that surrounded them, disappering from Rainstorm's sight.

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