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Oh wow! I feel torn about writing on this for the last time! On one hand it's sad I won't add any more chapters, an another, i get to focus on a new one! :) Hope you all enjoyed this story and I'm on the fence with the watty awards. I'll have a better handle on which other one I will be entering when it get's closer.

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I don’t know what life holds for me now, but I now have a concept of time whereas I never had before. I have someone that will be there for me and with me as I grow up. Likewise for him. We will be there for each other. My life up until now has been no life at all. Just one day blurring into the next. Now I have something to mark time against. Falling in love can change everything.


Gordon’s POV:

5 years later….

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Where’s your bag?!” I yelled out panicked. Isis pointed to me. “You have it honey.” I nodded and looked at my shoulder where it was strapped. “Okay then let’s do this!” I raced downstairs and grabbed the car keys. This is it!

Hopping in my car I drove quickly down our driveway and got halfway to where we were supposed to go when I noticed the car was far too quiet. “Oh sh*t!” I yelled out and hit the dashboard. I made a hard U-turn and got back home. I left the car running and bolted inside where Isis was sitting on the couch looking bored and eating some ice-cream. “I wondered how long it would take for you to notice I wasn’t with you.” She chuckled but hissed in pain as she clutched her large stomach. I rushed over to her side, “Are you okay?” I asked nervously. She gritted her teeth and grabbed my hand, making me go cross-eyed of how hard she was squeezing.

“Does it look like I’m alright?!” She yelled. After a moment the contraction passed. “Now can we go…this time me coming with you?” She said mockingly. I chuckled nervously and helped her to the car as quickly as I could. When I was driving back to the hospital I hadn’t realized I was hyperventilating until she grabbed my hand. “Breathe…in and out.” She instructed. I let out a chocked laugh. “Aren’t our roles supposed to be reversed?” I asked. She laughed, but it was cut short when another contraction hit making my heart speed up.

“Oh sh*t!” She screamed making me grow increasingly alarmed. Isis hardly EVER cussed…she must be in pain. I sped up further until my tires squealed when I made it go in park outside the hospital. Let them tow it I don’t care! I rushed over to her side with her bag around my shoulders.

“I don’t ever want another baby!” She gritted out in agony.  I felt helpless as we made our way inside, “Sugar, if I could do it for you I w-” She cut me off with a glare. Oh crap, I’m in trouble. “Don’t. Even. Say. It! You can’t, because you’re a guy and everyone knows guys have it easier!” She yelled making some nurses chuckle under their breaths. I looked on for help, when one of them came up with a wheelchair.

“Thank you.” I mumbled. She winked at me, “It’s best if you just not talk until it’s all over.” She advised with a laugh. I took a deep breath as she gave us some papers to fill out. “How far along are the contractions?” A nurse asked me. I looked at my wife clueless. Isis rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath. I just gave her a sheepish smile. “Their about seven minutes or so.” She answered.

“Okay so just fill these out real quick then we’ll get you up to Labor and Delivery. Congratulations by the way.” I looked at the nurse with alarm. “Why can’t she have her room now?! She’s in labor!” I said with wide eyes. D*mmit! My wife’s in labor and they’re having us fill out papers?!

“Calm down sir, labor usually takes quite a while. It’s when they hit between four to five minutes apart you should be panicking.” She joked, but my face drained of color. She sighed and shook her head, “Men…no wonder God made it so women had the babies…men would pass out!” She joked with Isis, making her laugh. The nurse walked away as I started to help Isis fill everything out.

“Ow!” She hissed and clawed at my shoulder making me wince, “Oh you’re in pain?! Ha! Try doing what I’m doing!” She yelled at me. Men around the emergency room looked at me with pity while women chuckled to themselves. Why can’t labor be quick?! “Sorry Sugar, really I am.” I pleaded with her. She sighed once it passed and kissed my cheek.

“Sorry for yelling. It hurts, and I’m probably going to yell at you more times then I’d like to bet on.” She grimaced. I kissed her nose and took her face in my hand, “We’ll get through this. Even if it means you break my hands in the process.” I smiled making her chuckle breathlessly. She was sweating and her face was red, but to me she was still beautiful.

Once the papers were filled out they wheeled her into the delivery room. This hospital has it’s own wing just for deliveries, and we had already put money away to get her own room. Of course my parents kicked in, but hey! This was their first grandchild!

I felt my eyes go wide, “Oh sh*t!” I cursed and grabbed my phone. I forgot to call them! And the guys for that matter! “Make it quick…you’re really not supposed to use those.” The nurse warned. I nodded and waited for my mom or dad to pick up.

“Uhg…hello?” My dad answered in a voice that sounded like he just woke . I looked down at my watch and silently cursed. It was just after four am. “Hey dad…it’s time.” I hinted. I heard him move quickly…probably sat up. “Really?! Okay we’re on our way!” He hung up without saying goodbye making me chuckle. I called the guys next and their reactions were similar.

Corbin became a pro-basketball coach for the Portland Trailblazers, while Lyle went on to be a stand up comedian. He’s doing pretty well from what I’ve heard. I haven’t had time to go to any of his shows but him in itself was a show all together! Benny went to college to be a teacher.

I became a profiler. Because of that though we had to move to Seattle. Isis didn’t mind. In face she loved the city life. Once she turned human, Kruse helped us out with making her identity. So now she has all the paper work needed, like a passport, birth certificate and all the other necessities. Last I heard he was making Lydia clean up after their pets at wherever they live. He also helped explain away Amin’s body.

“Ow! Gordon!” Isis screamed. Shaking my head out of my daydreaming I rushed back over to her side and held her hand. She squeezed with everything she had. I bit back a cry. Wouldn’t help with looking like a woos. And the face she’d yell at me if I showed pain. “Breathe baby, breathe.” I tried to coach her along like we were taught. She shot me a glare but did as I instructed. Soon her contraction faded.

“Alright, let’s check your cervix.” A nurse asked. They put Isis’ feet in the stirrups and spread her wide. I kept my eyes on her though. Isis winced slightly from the invasion…wow it really sucks being a girl!

“Okay…looks like you’re about eight centimeters dilated. You’re almost there!” The nurse encouraged. Isis tried to smile but it came out as a grimace. I kissed her sweaty forehead and closed my eyes as I did. She’s so strong. “So…what do you think boy or girl?” She laughed but it sounded breathless. I let out a strained chuckle and shrugged.

“At this point it doesn’t matter. As long as both of you are safe.” I said truthfully. We wanted to be surprised with the sex of the baby so we told the doctors we didn’t want to know. Speaking of…the doctor came in. Isis hand picked her since she gave off a good vibe. Her name was Dr. Quinton and was a very friendly Asian woman, who Benny has the hot’s for since he saw her a few months ago. It was funny when he got all flustered over her. I tease him constantly over it.

“Hey Mrs. Hailson, how are you coming along?” She asked as she put on some white gloves. Isis winced but nodded with a smile. “I’ve been better doctor.” Dr. Quinton nodded like she was expecting the answer. “Well it shouldn’t be too much longer. Let me just check your vitals and make sure the baby is doing okay.” We both nodded as she went over to the machine and checked the heartbeat and contraction monitor.

“Looks good. The baby is doing just fine.” She grinned at us. Another contraction hit as Isis squeezed the life out of my hand. “Oh, this looks to be a big one. Breathe, in and out.” The doctor instructed. Isis grit her teeth and soon it was over.

“Is the baby here yet?!” We heard before my parents busted in. The doctor laughed and pointed back at the door, “No, but he or she is about to be, so I need you two out.” My mom pouted but quickly gave Isis and I a kiss on the cheek. “You two can do this.” She spoke quickly and then left.

“Alright, looks like we’re ready to push!” The doctor said after she checked Isis again. Isis looked at me in alarm, “I changed my mind! I’m not ready to be a mom.” She said with fear in her voice. I smiled down at her and kissed her softly. “You’re ready.” I assured her. She opened her mouth to argue but I just kissed her again. “I promise.” She nodded her head reluctantly.

“Okay Isis…One, two, three…push!” The doctor instructed. Isis grunted down and pushed. This went on for the next hour, until the head could be seen. I bent over to see and nearly passed out. I quickly went back to Isis’ head so I wouldn’t black out. “Oh dear God, you’re so strong.” I muttered under my breath. She laughed weakly, “One more push!” Dr. Quinton ordered out.

Isis, pushed and pushed until she was crying. I held onto her hand for strength, but soon…a small cry filled the room making my eyes well up. Oh my God! I looked to see Dr. Quinton put the baby on Isis chest. “Congratulations, you have a baby girl.” She said. Isis let out a happy cry as the nurses rubbed our little girl down to get the excess stuff off of her. “Okay we need to clean her off more thoroughly. Would you like to cut the cord?” Dr. Quinton asked. I nodded, awestruck.

They handed me the scissors and I cut it quickly. Then they whisked her away to clean her off across the room. With a reassuring nod from Isis, I left her side to see our baby. She was crying, but it was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Her dark navy blue eyes looked up around the room as her little bottom lip wobbled. The nurses quickly wrapped her up and handed her to me.

I started crying, but I couldn’t help it! She was the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. “You’re perfect.” I whispered and kissed her forehead. Her crying was getting softer since she was getting warmer from the blankets. I carefully walked over to Isis after they cleaned her up.

“You want to see our baby girl?” I asked with a huge grin. She nodded with tears still going down her cheeks, “Yeah.” She spoke softly and lifted her arms. I knew she was tired but I also knew she wanted nothing more than to be close to our little girl.

“Oh my…oh my gosh she’s so beautiful!” Isis said with her voice breaking twice. She bent over to kiss her face softly. By now our little girl had stopped crying and instead started to fall asleep. “What should we name her?” I asked looking at now my favorite two girls in the world.

“How about…Amelia? Amelia Nicole Hailson.” I nodded at her with a smile. I cooed over Amelia, “Hello little Lia. I’m your dad.” Isis chuckled at me. The doctor shook out hands and left us with a nurse who was now trying to teach Isis how to breastfeed. “She’s not latching on!” Isis said worriedly. The nurse smiled at her. “It’s fine honey, we’ll put her down for right now and try again in a few minutes okay?” I looked at her, “Actually can I hold her again?” I asked making the nurse laugh. “She’s your baby so yes you can.” I couldn’t keep the giddy grin off my face even if I tried.

“Would you like me to tell your family out there they can come in?” She asked. I nodded, “Yes, please.” I answered not taking my eyes away from my daughter. My daughter…wow that was weird to think, but a good weird.

“Oh my gosh she looks like a little mini football!” Lyle cooed softly at the little pink bundle that was in my arms. Everyone was in here, but they were being quiet enough so Isis could get a few minutes of sleep. Mom was currently holding her and has yet to give her up.

“I call dibs next.” Corbin called just over a whisper. It was funny to watch and right then I knew this little girl was going to be spoiled beyond belief. But Isis and I will keep her grounded so she doesn’t end up like I was. I walked over to my wife and just stared at her as she rested her eyes. Even though she was a sweaty mess, with tangled hair…I’ve never been so in love with her. She was perfect for me, and I swear I love her a little more each day. I looked over to see Benny playing peek-a-boo with Amelia making me chuckle since, one, she was too small to play that and two, she was asleep.

Already she had me wrapped around her finger and I couldn’t care less. This was my family and I can’t wait to show her the world. “I love you.” I looked down to see Isis looking up at me. I smiled and bent over to kiss her. “I love you too my little genie.” She smile weakly but laughed when she saw what Benny was doing. “Get some more rest. I’ll heard these people out.” I joked. But she didn’t hesitate to close her eyes. She was exhausted and rightly so. I was so luck to stumble upon her that day at the beach all those years ago. I don’t even want to think about where I’d be without her.


Sorry if the ending sucked...was never good at endings lol

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