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Sorry for the accidental publish, but if you've been here for a while then you know the drill and probably weren't even surprised lol.

But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one! I have a feeling you will :)

"Are you sure you can't just go in there and take the test for me?" Camila huffed, stomping her way into Lauren's office and taking a seat on the woman's lap.

Lauren laughed lightly, pushing her laptop away and leaning back in her chair. Her arms wrapped loosely around Camilas waist, bringing the girl in closer for a small cuddle.

Even though she was only a few weeks into school, the girl had a pretty large exam coming up and had been stressing for what seemed like forever. Despite her major being arts centered, Camila was still required to take classes to fulfill her GE requirements. One of those classes being Microeconomics.

She hated it, as it was definitely a change from her guitar and music history courses, but she guessed Lauren helping her out made it a little better.

"As much as I'd love to help you out even more, that would be cheating babygirl"

"Don't think of it as cheating, think of it as.... a bit of hands on teaching" Camila tried, smiling when Lauren let out a loud laugh.

"Doesn't matter what you call it doll, it's still cheating" the green eyed woman said between laughs. "But, I do think both of us deserve a snack break after working so hard"

She lightly tapped the side of Camila's thigh, signaling the girl to stand up. She closed her laptop after making sure everything was saved, and led the smaller girl towards the kitchen.

Camila clumsily hopped up onto the counter, watching Lauren rummage through the fridge in search of a snack.

"What about string cheese?" The woman hummed, thinking that a trip to the grocery store was definitely overdue.

"Can I have cookies too?"

"How about we compromise and have animal crackers?" Lauren smiled. She tried to avoid giving Camila especially sugary foods when she was studying, since the girl would practically be bouncing off the walls by the time she even opened her book.

At the girl's nod, Lauren pulled out the tub of crackers they always kept in the pantry. They were one of Camila's favorite snacks when she was little, and were also an easy option for her when she was big.

She poured some into a bowl, handing the girl a stick of string cheese and starting to open up her own.

"You're doing it wrong!" Camila gaped, her voice sounding almost disgusted at the way Lauren had chosen to eat her string cheese.

She couldn't believe the woman had even dared to bite straight into it. What were they, some kind of animals?

"There's no right way to eat string cheese baby" Lauren laughed, popping a hippo shaped cracker in her mouth.

"Of course there is! And your way is wrong! You hav'ta peel it silly!" Camila giggled, peeling a long strand off of her cheese and dangling it into her mouth. The end was still hanging out, but it honestly just added to the girl's adorable actions.

"Peel it? No that's crazy! Who peels their cheese!" Lauren played along, watching Camila giggle away. The girl was slowly slipping into her headspace, but Lauren decided she could use a little break from studying for the afternoon (or at least a long enough break for Camila to take a nap).

"I do! It's the only way mama, see?" Camila giggled, peeling another string off of her cheese stick and dropping it into her mouth.

Lauren hummed, this time peeling a little strip off and dramatically gasping when she ate it. "You're right! It was better!" She said, smiling when Camila's face broke out into a happy grin.

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