47. Leaves & Roses

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The coronation day was eminent. Aragorn sang a solemn and beautiful elvish song right after he was finally crowned king. I watched by the sideline as I saw Legolas and a bunch of elves stepped forward to formally greet the new king.

Oh my. Don't they look just too divine and out of this world in the middle of men. They looked glowing and immaculate. A real life Instagram filtered supermodels. Especially Legolas. A circlet adorned his head and his silky flaxen hair seemed to be glowing softly under the sunlight, draping over his elvish silver tunic. 

Damn elvish perks.

"Hannon le, Legolas," said Aragorn genuinely, and Legolas smiled warmly to his friend in return.

The elf prince glanced at me and stepped away, revealing beautiful Arwen holding an elvish banner. We had been hiding Arwen from Aragorn for a few days and now it paid off.

The look on Aragorn's face was priceless. He took the banner from Arwen's hand and gave it to one of the soldiers before pulling Arwen into a long kiss.

The people cheered in delight and clapped their hands. At this point I saw no reason left for me not to let my mental walls down. 

The collective happiness and the joy from the crowd was overwhelming–in a very splendidly good way. My heart seemed to be weightless and I felt like I could jump up and down like a kid. 

Thank goodness I remembered my manner. I held myself and tried to act lady like. However I laughed as I heard Gimli's delighted giggle next to me. Who knew dwarves could giggle when they're sober?

I was stunned when Aragorn and Arwen made his way over to me and Gimli. Now all eyes were on us and I felt heat crept up my neck at the unwanted attention.

Please go the other way, please go the other way.

Legolas saw my turmoil and stifled a laugh, concealing it with a cough. I wanted to glare at him, but not with this people looking down at us. I saw with my peripheral vision that Gimli straightened himself at the approaching king.

Aragorn looked at us and we both bowed in respect and acknowledgement. Despite me being nervous I was so proud of seeing him fulfilling his destiny. He bowed his head regally in return. Already I could see a just king emanated from his charisma. To be honest, that quality had been there all along.

"Thank you. For everything, my friend," said Aragorn to Gimli.

"You're welcome, my king," replied the dwarf in respect and Aragorn clapped his shoulder warmly. I smiled broadly.

Then Aragorn turned to me and his eyes softened. Before he could say anything I blurted in low tone so only him, Arwen and Gimli that can hear me.

"Dang, you look so awesome, Aragorn. Plus the beautiful lady beside you I think the rest of the world is about to turn green in envy," I teased him.

Aragorn, Arwen, Gimli and Legolas chuckled at my words, getting my reference from the story of the Wicked Witch that I told them about. When I saw the weird look the rest of the elves gave me, I facepalmed myself. I forgot that they silly pointy ears can pick up the sound of my nerdiness from a mile away.

"Hannon le, Leane," Aragorn finally said.

The moment when I first arrived in Middle Earth came into my mind. How Aragorn and Arwen had welcomed me and helped me when no one else wouldn't.

"No," I said shaking my head. "Thank you, Aragorn and Arwen. For everything. For welcoming me to this life and taught me a lot of things," I said genuinely at both of them.

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