Chapter 8

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New Arrangments....

This Chap has ALOT of POV changes sorry.


I laughed as all my cousins piled up on me giving me a hug.

"We missed you cousin Brandon, I thought you weren't coming."My little cousin Lizzie said with a pout.

"Well I wasn't but I'm here now and I'm starved let's eat. Oh and everyone this is my new assistant Elaine, Elaine this is everyone."I told my assistant who waved nervously at my family.

"Hello everyone" Elaine said quietly looking around the table at everyone.

Walking to the end of the table to take my seat I stopped dead in my tracks. Am I dreaming? Is this really real? Did she have a twin somewhere? She finally looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and gave me a nervous smile. My knees became weak.

Realizing that I'm staring, I hope and pray she'll talk to me and let me explain everything.

Breaking my daze with her I looked at the person I'm sitting next to I realized its a huge mistake on where to sit. My great aunt Kathy is the most talkative person in the family. She can talk a mile a minute. Everyone calls her Chatty Kathy.

"Hello dear."She smiled.

"Hey aunt Katherine."I said ready for the parade of questions she's about to ask me.


The fact that it's been six months and Brandon and I are in the same room is surreal and I feel as if I can't breath, my head is ready to explode, plus the twins are moving around. Which is making me so much more uncomfortable.

I kept my eyes on my food which is incredible and I even got milk aside from everything around me, this isn't so bad but I know Brandon will want to talk and I feel as if we'll need to when he finds out.

"See isn't this fun" Jinae said nudging as we ate pie.

"Yeah I guess it is thanks for inviting me."I told her smiling but feeling his eyes on me still.

"I don't think we've met."I heard his voice, I get tingles that ran down my arms and legs.

"Oh yeah Brandon this is my friend Aubree and Aubree this is my brother Brandon."

"The hot Enchilada one."Jorge whispered loud enough for Brandon to hear.

Jinae is gonna be a aunt and she doesn't even know it. Brandon's gonna be a dad and he obviously doesn't know it.

Feeling tears ready to escape from my eyes I try to choke them back keep myself from crying. Finally looking up into his eyes, my feelings for him suddenly all came back, perhaps they never left in the first place.

"Hi."I said softly hoping he didn't hear me.

"Well, we'll be in my room I still want to hang out with Aubree and Jorge before I have to take them back home."Jinae said standing up.

Jorge smiled and gave me his hand. This is the moment of truth, I have to do this and sitting at the table won't get me anywhere. Here goes nothing. I place mine in his and he pulled me up lightly. I heard a low intake of breath and I knew it was Brandon. I shut my eyes for a few seconds.

"Woah girl your huge how far along are you?" The pretty red head said.

"Six months" I said lowly and glanced at Brandon who looks like he's doing the math in his head.