19. The truth is revealed

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When we stepped inside to the Wayne ballroom I set my eyes on a familiar sight. Beautiful women in gorgeous gowns and rich men in expencive suits.

"I think we should go find Alfred first." Clark said.

I nodded and linked my arm into his, allowing his to lead the way through the crowd of guests.

"Hello Alfred." Clark greeted a man as he tapped him on the shoulder.

The man had short styled, white hair and a nice black suit. The man seemed to be in his sixties.

The man turned around and smiled at Clark a little. "Hello Mr. Kent."

"Did we not agree to use first names last time?" Clark reminded Alfred.

The man chuckled and nodded: "Yes I believe we did, I must have forgotten. So who is the lovely lady you have brought with you?"

"This is Fay. Fay this is Alfred." Clark introduced and we shook hands.

"Nice to meet you miss Fay. I am Mr. Wayne's butler." Alfred greeted with a polite nod.

"Nice to meet you too. When did you and Clark meet?" I asked.

"Must have been about ten years ago." Alfred said.

"Yes that seems about right." Clark nodded.

"And you just now started using first names?" I laughed.

Clark started to say something but suddenly a woman approached me. She had long brown hair and a slightly darker skin color than I did. She had a bindi between her eyebeows that revealed her religion. The woman was wearing pink and she had a camera crew with her.

"Hello miss Queen. I am Sheba Gual from Good morning Mumbai. Can I have a quick interview and a picture?" The woman asked and smiled brightly.

"Umm, I... O-Okay I guess." I said awkwardly. "I have an exclusive of all things superman to Mr. Kent here so we can't talk too much about that."

"Alright." The woman stood next to me and looked at the camera telling the camera crew to roll: "Live in 3... 2... 1... Good morning Mumbai. I am Sheba Gual here in america in the heart of crime Gotham city. In addition to crime Gotham is the home of one of the most wealthies batchlors and the most succesful companies. Of course I am talking about Bruce Wayne and his company: Wayne enterprizes." The woman smiled brightly as she spoke looking almost doll-like. "I have the luxury of attending a gala of Wayne enterprizes being hosted by Mr. Wayne himself in this luxury estate of his. Here we have many household names present, public political figures, famous a-list stars and the richest of the rich." The woman turned full circle showing off her dress. "Now I am lucky enough to catch the attention of the bride of the year: Fay Queen who recently got married to the hero we all know and love: superman." Sheba turned her microphone towards me: "So miss Fay is superman attending today?"

"No, I am here with my friend Clark Kent." I said and smiled at Clark who stood on the side so he wasn't in the view of the camera.

"A friend?" The woman said looking at me weirdly.

"Yes a coworker." I nodded.

"So what brought you here today?"

"Clark just asked me to come with him and I didn't have anything to do this weekend." I answered.

"No date night with superman?" The woman asked lifting a brow.

"No he is far too busy for that." I smiled.

"Well I think everyone is dying to ask. Who are you wearing?"

"Oh, this is a creation of Christian Siriano." I smiled. "Clark picked it out."

"So have you already spoken to Mr. Wayne?" Sheba asked with a smile.

"No not yet. We have just arrived." I smiled.

"Well this has been wonderful, may I say you look-" Sheba's sentence was interrupted when a loud scream was heard.

"Fay Queen is that you! OMG! I haven't seen you in forever!" An obnoxious, high pitched female voice screamed in joy.

"Joanne...I." I tried to quiet her down but she bargen in front of the camera with her huge blonde hair and big fake boobs and lips.

"How is your brother Oliver and the rest of the Queen family? I haven't seen Oliver after he was rescued from that horrid island a year ago. Everytime I call someone in your family they don't answer. Must be the reception. And everytime I go to your house the guards give me a grand farewell and lead me out of the house." Joanne smiled as much as she could with the botox job.

"Joanne pleace speak more quetly." I quickly pleaded and looked around nervously.

"Wait is Fay Queen related to the infamous Oliver Queen?" Sheba suddenly asked pushing the microphone to Joanne's face.

"No!" I said.

"Well yeees of course. She's the youngest of the family. Little sister of Oliver and Thea daughter of Moira." Joanne told Sheba.

Suddenly there were ten reporters crouding me yelling things like: "Why the secrecy?" "How have you hid the family connections?" "Are you disowned or something?" "Why aren't you with your brother at hard times?"

I just took the cowards way out: I ran out the front door.


Sorry bats hasnt entered the scenes yet... He is near. I know it. XD XD XD

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