17. How about Gotham

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This chapter is for Samantha Rose Granger because she requested for Batman to enter this story about THREE months ago and I promised for him to appear. It took a long time but I feel like the story would not have been able to handle him any earlier. He will appear in the next chapter.

Also Samantha is a LONG TIME reader and I wanted to do something nice for her because of her loyalty as a reader <3 If you have been in the comments a long time. Hit me up in the comments and I will find some receipts (proof) that you are a long time reader and allow you to ask for 1 wish. I will be like a fairy godmother or a genie.

IMPORTANT: So metropolis and Gotham have been placed on multiple locations across the map of America over the years. And given locations that don't even exist (like make belief islands and stuff) I chose to use this one where you have to take a ferry or go over a bridge to cross these two cities. (As seen on picture) In my version the travel between these two cities (on a ferry) will be 1 hour. Also on the newest Batman V Superman movie the two cities were quite close.


"My bed is quite small." Clark said.

"Smaller than that couch?" I said rising my eyebrows.

"Well no but, it's not a bed meant for two." Clark said, sounding embarrassed.

"Well how wide is it?" I asked.

"It's 120cm wide." Clark said.

"Well we'll fit in that." I said. We went inside the bedroom and I kept my back towards Clark as he changed into his pajama. "Hey do you have a-" I started but was cut off mid sentence as Clark handed me a T-shirt of his. "Oh wow. You read my mind." I said and changed into the t-shirt that reached almost to my knees. "Metropolis Sharks." I chuckled as I realized that the t-shirt was a fan shirt for the popular sports team and had a white shark on it.

"Yeah..." Clark nodded. I turned around to see him in a blue and white striped pajama. Clark looked a bit embarrassed.

"Well ain't you handsome." I chuckled.

"My mom gave it to me last christmas." Clark mumbled.

"Well you look very cute." I said and climbed to bed under the covers with my back towards Clark. I stayed right on the edge of the bed to give Clark space but when he layed down the mattress tipped under his weight and my body rolled around against him.

"Sorry." Clark mumbled.

"No problem." I said and tried to back away but my side of mattress was now hanging slightly in the air because of Clark's weight and I just kept rolling back. "I think I'm just gonna stay here." I said after a while.

"Sorry." Clark repeated and I could see his whole face heat up and turn red.

Clark turned off the bedside lamp and suddenly we were laying in darkness. "You know, you are a lot bigger than you look."

"Oh," Clark let out sounding sad: "I have been eating too much lately, but I didn't know it was that noticeable."

"No, no that's not what I meant. You have was broader shoulders and you are taller too. I think I just now really noticed how much muscle mass you have." I joked. "I feel like I'm being cuddled by a bear."

"This isn't cuddling." Clark said shaking his head. "This is cuddling." Clark said warmly and suddenly wrapped his big arms around me squeezing me in a massive hug.

Laughing I nodded and tiredly said: "Yeah you are right. This is much better." I closed my eyes and fell asleep.




The next morning I woke up to a delicious smell. I found Clark cooking in the kitchen.

"Uh, yummy. What is that smell?" I asked as I was rubbing my eyes.

"Bacon and eggs." Clark said and we ate breakfast in silence.

"Did you sleep okay?" I asked as I washed the plates after we ate.

"Yeah..." Clark nodded.

"Well, it's weekend. What are your plans?" I questioned.

"Umm, well I like photography... I go see my mom at least once a month. More often if possible. If I'm interested about something, but I'm not allowed to investigate a possible story at work I sometimes use my spare time on that. I go to Gotham... Fairly often. I actually have a gala there this weekend."

"Oh really? What is it about?" I asked and actually felt really interested. I was expecting for him to do work on weekends too, but going to Gotham? The heart of crime! That I wouldn't have guessed in a million years.

"You know Bruce Wayne?"

"Yeah." I nodded: "Everyone knows Bruce or at least about him. He is frequently on the news."

"Well it's his gala. He invites reporters and rich people." Clark explained. "The gala is for the win of Wayne enterprizes. They expanded... Again."

"Okay. Do you go to all of the galas."

"Mostly yes. I have made a friend in Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's butler. I have never spoken to Mr. Wayne himself." Clark said. "Maybe you would like to join me."

"Me? Well I don't have anything planned. So I guess I could but... I don't want to just barge in uninvited." I shook my head.

"I have an avec on the invitation." Clark said and smiled at me. "I really don't feel like going alone anyway."

"Well I guess I could come... You sure you want me there?" I asked and looked up at Clark, tying to find a clue if he was just asking me to be nice.

"Yes. I would love for you to come." Clark confirmed and nodded his head. "I will go dress and then take you home so you can do the same."

"Okay." Clark took about 10 minutes to put on a simple but elegant black suit. "Do I look okay?" He asked.

"Yeah you look fine. Just your tie is a little wonky." I walked over to him and corrected it so he looked all proper and perfect.

"Thank you." Clark said and looked at himself in the mirror, straightening his sleeves and then nodding and leading me outside and into a buss to my apartment.


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