45. An Engagement Gift

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I was fighting incoming orcs on the battlefield on the Black Gate. Blades clashing against one another and battle cries were the only thing that you could hear all around.

However, as I took down an opponent, in the heat of the battle I saw a dog came into view. It stared at me intently.

Funny, for a dog its eyes were too deep and too intelligent. You sure you're not a werewolf like the one in that chick-flick Twilight, doggo?

The dog licked his mouth and he woofed once at me before turning to walk away. He glanced at me again, as if gesturing for me to follow him, so I did.

Somehow the orcs and the men who were busy fighting around me made a way for me and the dog to pass. It was almost as if I was invisible.

The dog led me to a steep and rocky path before a clearing came into view. Just across the clearing, laid before my eyes were a very vast forest that looked almost out of place– so fresh and inviting.

The dog looked at me intently before striding across the clearing to enter the forest.

"Ajax!" I called his name.

I went to follow him, but I halted in my tracks as a figure came out from the trees.

He was tall and buff, his hair was sandy blond and it glowed under the beautiful sunlight. His attire were of a royalty, made of fur and he bore a sword with a white tree symbol adorning its hilt. His face, however, was the most intriguing part of all.

It was glowing with such youth and vigor. He smiled broadly, his eyes twinkled with joy and contentment. He looked like as if he never knew what hardships in his life were.

Upon seeing me, the man smiled warmly and bowed his head. 

"Leane," greeted Boromir with a bright smile, an ear to ear grin as if he was greeting an old friend that he had been waiting for.

"Boromir..." I breathed in wonder and amazement. "H-how?"

Then more figures made their appearances, one by one coming out of the safety behind the vast, evergreen trees.

Haldir, Theoden King, and several other people who had the same look and aura of delight as Boromir came into view and smiled or waved their hands at me.

Then another person came out, someone important yet almost forgotten. 

His black hair was sticking out of his head in a messy curls. His brown eyes that twinkled with mischief and fondness rimmed with his square glasses seemed to be laughing in delight. His face was glowing with a healthy streak and a big, wide smile graced his face.

"Leigh Ann, my daughter," he said, "You've grown into a very beautiful woman."

"Dad?" I croaked as tears threatened to spilled.

My heart soared with happiness at the sight of my dad, healthy and happy, no trace of pain or sickness adorning his facial expressions. It was as if he never even had cancer.

I started to jog towards him, willing to be in my daddy's arms again, but a familiar voice stopped me.

"Leane," he called in a calming, yet warning tone. "Do not cross the line."

I glanced back to see the man dressed in a nice, expensive looking tailored suit.

"Mike!" I exclaimed in delight. "What are you doing here?! It's great to see you!"

Mike laughed as his dog Ajax came beside him and sat nicely. He motioned for me to come to him and I did, giving him a warm hug. I patted Ajax. Good doggo.

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