16. I'm pregnant

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It was late when Clark and I were done eating. Close to midnight. I had a full stomack and I was so tired once again.

"Clark..." I whispered as I leaned against him on the restaurant bench.

"What?" Clark asked whispering just as quietly as I had.

"I need to tell you something." I whispered even lower than before.

"Okay." Clark whispered even quieter.

I leaned so close that my lips were grazing his ear as I mumbled.

"What?" Clark chuckled, not hearing a word I said.

"I won't be able to get to home tonight." I said again, a little louder this time.

"And why is that?" Clark asked, sounding amused.

"Because I'm comfortable. And I'm too tired to walk home. And I will just fall asleep in the buss... And I'm pregnant." I told Clark.

"What?!" Clark asked with his head snapping to look at me with incredible speed.

"I'm bregnant." I repeated and leaned away to put my palm against my belly. "Look at this food baby."

I had eaten so much that my tummy was a little bloated and I looked like I was 4+ months bregnant.

Clark threw his head back and started laughing openly. "For a minute I was worried."

We fell silent and split the bill. "You know..." Clark started sounding unsure. "You could come spend the night in my apartment."

"Is it closer than mine?" I asked pondering my options.

"You live 1,3 kilometers away so yes." Clark said.

"How do you know where I live?" I asked rising my brows.

"Ummm, well it was in your employee info."

"Oh, okay." I shrugged.

Clark grabbed my hand and started pulling me throught the restaurant kitchen. "Clark we aren't supposed to be back here." I warned, but soon noticed that the chefs and waitors just nodded and greeted Clark.

"Nice for you to have a lady friend." One of them actually commented.

Clark les me upstairs throught a staircase that was in the middle of the kitchen.

I stared as Clark opened a door next to the upper part of the stairs with his keys and revealed a small apartment.

Clark let me in and closed the door behind us. He robbed the back of his neck and said awkwardly: "Sorry about the mess."

And messy it was. There were clothes on the floor and a plant had fallen from a table so there was soil on the ground. The kitchen counter had many dirty plates on it and some popcorn was on the floor. There was a tiny bathroom and a small bedroom. The kitchen and living room were the same room with no wall to separate them.

"I had a friend stay over for a few nights... Which turned into a week... Which turned into a month... He left yesterday." Clark said and immediately collected the clothes from the floor and put them in a laundry basket.

"You're too kind. You should be able to tell someone to leave when they have extended their invitation too much." Still feeling very tired I started washing the dishes.

"No, it was no trouble... I just didn't have time to clean with him always in the house. Also you don't have to clean I will just make the bed for you and you can go to sleep. I'll deal with this." Clark said, grabbing some pillows from a wardrobe.

"It's no problem really." I said and for the next 20 minutes we cleaned in silence.

"Fay. The bed is ready. I can finish up here." Clark said. Only one pot was left to clean.

"Oh, okay." I said and walked towards the bedroom door. "Wait... Where will you sleep?"

"On the couch." Clark said nonchalantly and rubbed his back which was probably hurting.

The couch was too small for Clark and looked lumpy and uncomfortable. "Did you sleep on the couch while you friend was here?" I asked and inspected the blanket and small decorative pillow on the couch.

"Yeah." Clark nodded and for a moment pulled a face before going back to normal.

"Look I can't let you sleep on that." I said and walked over to Clark.

"Yes you can." Clark said.

"Oh so your back and neck aren't aching because of that couch and the fact that it's way too small for you?" I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

"No. I'm fine." Clark said and adjusted his posture a little.

"So you don't hurt here?" I said and pressed a finger into a back muscle under his shoulder blades.

I saw Clark flinch a little but he was able to keep his face straight. "Yeah I'm taking the couch." I quickly said and heard Clark's footsteps follow me to the couch.

"No, Fay please take the bed." Clark begged, feeling guilty.

"No way. You'll hurt even more tomorrow if you sleep on the couch tonight."

"It's okay. I can deal with it." Clark said.

"Look I'm not going to let you sleep on that couch so we might as well share the bed." I said and crossed my arms over my chest again to try to look more demanding.


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