13. Gifts all over the place

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I just got off the elevator on our floor when I finished reading the article for the second time.

I stepped into the office space and suddenly it was very quiet.

I looked around and noticed that I was all alone in the office... 'What is going on?" I wondered.

Suddenly reporters, photographers and random workers of the daily planet jumped out from behind desks and yelled: "Surprise!"

My eyes were round like plates and I was close to having a heart attack. "W- What is going on?"

"Miss Queen. Congratulations on your marriage. We decided to have a little get together for this happy occasion." Mr White said with jolly (fake) smile.

"Umm, I don't think that's necessary." I said.

"Wait this is for a wedding? My wife and I have worked here for 20-years and no one threw us a party when we got married last summer." A worker said sounding annoyed.

"Not now Charles." Mr. White said. "Take a lot of pictures." He then instructed the photographers discreetly. "Come, come. We have cake, drinks, non alcoholic of course, gifts and even a pinjata!"

I walked over to Mr. White feeling awkward as people I worked with but had never spoken with congratulated me, gave me hugs and greeted me like an old friend.

"I really didn't need a party..." I told Mr. White awkwardly.

"Oh no worries we all wanted to do this. You do talk with Superman about your day don't you?" Mr. White asked. "I trust you will mention this too."

'Oh so that's what this is about... Sucking up to my so called husband.' I sighed at the thought and felt nervous and even a little suffocated as I talked to these unfamiliar people. It seemed that all the employees wanted people to think I was their friend so they didn't introduce themselves to me. They just walked over and talked about interest or of my past life. At first I thought it was creepy when they mentioned a horse back riding camp I had gone to when I was 6 or my trip to New York couple years back. Then I remembered that they were journalist so they had most likely went through my social media accounts and such to appear as if they knew me.

It took almost half an hour before people started leaving for real work. Most of these people didn't even work on our floor.

When an hour and a half had passed I finally found Clark. "Clark?" I mumbled as I saw the man holding about 30 coats or so that had been flung at him as if he was just a clothing rack.

"Oh... Mmm... Hi, who are you?" Clark said awkwardly. He couldn't hold all the coats properly and one of them had been thrown over his face so it covered half of his sight that was already bad since his glasses were slipping down.

"It's me Fay." I said and walked closer.

"Oh! Fay. I- I- I'm sorry for not being proper." Clark said sounding nervous and blushed.

I took the coat of his head and accidentally made his glasses slip even further down. I quickly put the coat away and readjusted his glasses so he could see. "It's not you that isn't proper. It's these people treating you disrespectfully like a human rack or butler." I said and helped Clark get the coats of him and place them on a desk nearby.

"It's okay... I just didn't want to drop any of them and get them dirty and all." Clark said.

"You are too kind Clark." I mumbled. Even now he was carefully folding all the jackets on the table.

"And you aren't?" He chuckled.

"No. Didn't you hear me standing up to Ron a couple days ago?" I asked. "I don't like to do things like that but when I really have to... I do it."

"True." Clark nodded.

"Anyway were you here the whole time? Did you even taste the cake?" I asked.

"Yes and no." Clark answered and looked at the floor. "Congratulations." He mumbled and sounded almost sad.

Clark was such a good person that seeing him sad about something broke my heart. "Well you should really taste the cake." I said and offered him the piece I had actually taken for myself just before the cake was finished.

"No, it's yours." Clark said shaking his head.

"Well I don't want it." I said strongly. That was actually a lie. The cake was chocolate with red roses as decoration and it looked delicious. "I want to give it to you."

"Still it's yours."

"Well I will be hurt if you don't eat it." I said with a determined look even Clark saw, he wouldn't be able to defeat.

"Let's share." He offered and I nodded happily. He started looking around for a spoon but they had already been used. There was not even a single extra spoon to use.

"Look just eat the cake." I sighed as I gave up on looking for a second spoon.

"Nope." Clark said shaking his head and suddenly shoved a spoonful of cake into my mouth.

"Oh my. Clark!" I said after I swallowed the juicy bite. "Why did you do that?"

"So we could share." He mumbled and used the same spoon for his own bite.

"Oh... Well okay." The cake... Was definitely worth sharing a spoon.

After the cake was done I walked over our shared desk and my jaw dropped to the floor. Piles of gifts wrapped in nice papers were overflowing on the desk.

"I'm so sorry Clark. Are these from our coworkers?" I asked.


"I'll clean them up now. I'm so very sorry. You can get to work in a minute." I started frantically taking the gifts off the desk and placing them on the floor against the window. Soon Clark started helping me.

"It's okay." He told me.

Suddenly my phone rang. "Hello?" I answered.

"Good day this is Anne Esso from the U.S. Mail. Are you Fay Queen?" A woman said from the phone.

"Yes, I am."

"Well you have been getting an abnormal amount of packages all over the world. International ones. Do you accept these?" The woman asked.

"Umm, I guess." I answered with a shrug.

"Well we are going to have to charge you for the delivery but we will have these at your door by tomorrow." The woman said.

"Oh okay... Wait how many packages?"

"194. And counting. They all have been labeled as wedding gifts. Thank you for your time." The woman said and cut the line.

"Oh no..." I whined and I was glad that Clark didn't question anything.

Another hour later we had been working for some time already. "So how did you like the office party?" Clark asked.

"I thought it was a little sad. I would have wanted to really get to know these people and be their friend but they just made up fake stories about how we had met a few years back or that they were fans of my photography but I knew that all of it was a lie. Just like my life..." I sighed and stared at the ground...


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