10. A picture from a time before

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"Clark?" I said to gain his attention as I took the picture in my hands. In it I was sitting in the middle of a field with my brown hair free and spirit high. "Where did you get this?"

"What?" Clark mumbled as he collected the papers back to their file. "What did you say?" He turned to me and I saw his eyes widen slightly when he noticed what I was holding.

"Where did you get this?" I repeated and ran a finger down the picture.

"From your mothers facebook page. I was searching you to see if you are eligible for the job." Clark explained. "This is your file."

"Oh? Can I read it?" I asked and suddenly felt curious.

"I don't think that I'm allowed to give it to you." Clark said and seemed to think about that for a while.

"Okay. No worries." Still my gaze stayed on the picture. "I remember this day you know... We were on a picnic. My cousin and my older brother were there for my birthday. I don't see my brother much so that day was perfect. It was also the day I first met Superman."

"The day you took the picture worth a pulitzer." Clark said and smiled.

"Yeah. I just couldn't feel any happiness over that picture since I was almost hit by a car. Seeing Superman was overshadowed by the fact that I almost died." I chuckled.

"So how was he?" Clark asked and put the picture back into the file.

"I guess that most girls would say dreamy or handsome. But I owe him my life. So I'm grateful but even though I say he is safety and freedom I can't tell his personality from just one encounter." I said with a shrug.

Clark nodded and for the next few hours we worked in silence.

That's when I noticed something. I was getting evil glared from Cat Grant. "Clark?" I whispered and leaned closer to him.


"What's the deal with Cat?" I asked silently trying not to sound rude.

"She just has a big personality. Don't worry about her." Clark reassured. I nodded and heard my tummy growl. "Time to eat?" Clark chuckled and put on his coat.

"Yup." I agreed and started walking to the elevator. "What should we eat?"

"Chinese?" Clark suggested.

"Sure. Do you know a good restaurant nearby?"

"Yeah a couple blocks away." Clark said and watched the elevator doors open. "Oh no."

A huge crowd of reporters and photographers were at the lobby waiting for me.

"Shhh." Clark shushed me, took my hand and started pulling me around the paparazzi as silently as possible.

It was a miracle that they didn't notice us.

Our luck soon ran out though when there were more paparazzi and reporters. "There she is!" SOmeone yelled and after that all hell was loose.

Clark was so surprised he just froze. "Excuse me." He started saying when he got over the shock. He tried to find us a way out of the crowd and tried to be as polite as possible. "Sorry, we have to get through."

"No comment." I kept repeating and squeezed Clark's hand like a lifeline. Soon guards from the daily planet building came to help us through the crowd and into a cab.

Through the way we were silent. So many things were running through my head and I was getting confused with what was going on. Clark stayed silent because he knew that I wouldn't be happy with what he would have to write in that article.

"Sorry... About your life having to become this difficult." Clark said with a monotone voice.

"It's okay..." I said.

We payed for the cab and got inside the restaurant. Quite quickly a man with black hair and chef's clothes on walked to us. "Mr Kent! How lovely of you to return to our restaurant. And with a lady friend! You shall get the most romantic table at the house."

"Oh, no need." I said but the man didn't listen to me and led us to a table with roses and candles.

"Here, here, sit." The chef said with a huge smile. "We will bring you food quickly." The man promised and left to the kitchen.

"Umm, you know him?" I asked with a tiny chuckle. The man seemed to be a hoot.

"Yeah, I once wrote a good review of this place. He was very honored by my words apparently." Clark said. "Oh and I saved his cat from the tree outside. He couldn't reach it."

"Really?" I laughed. "That's a classic superhero movie moment."

"Yeah." Clark mumbled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"So tell me more about yourself." 'Umm, that is totally a date question. Is this a date? Should I ask. Wait no I shouldn't that would be weird. Office romances don't work... Wait - Do I want this to be a date?' I was so indulged in my own thoughts that I didn't hear anything Clark said. "Oh wait sorry I spaced out. What did you say?" 'Well this is awkward.' I thought and felt my cheeks heat up.

Clark cackled and smiled a little. "Well, I was raised in Smallville, Kansas. My mother Martha still lives there but my father Jonathan is deceased." He let out a small sad smile as he seemed to fall deep into thought.

"Sorry to hear that." I responded.

"How about you?" Clark asked after shaking his head almost fondly at some unknown memory.

"Well I'm not that interesting." I said and tried to divert his attention into a new subject.

"Well if I am not mistaken it is still your turn to share." Clark said, not falling into my trap.

"Okay..." I sighed. "I was born in LA, but we moved around a lot. I know that sounds basic but I'v lived in Canada, France, India, Japan, Australia and all over America as a kid. We moved to a new country almost every year. When I turned 13 we settled down into Washington DC." I told him. "And now I live here." I mumbled with a shrug.

"What school did you go to?" Clark asked.


"Wow. That's a really good university." Clark said and sounded surprised.

"Yeah... Well I just felt like I didn't belong there." I moaned and saw the plates of food the waiter started laying on the table. "Umm, we didn't order." I said once the waitress was out of hearing range.

"Yeah, well they always bring me what ever is the best at the time." Clark said.

The food break continued with good food and lots and lots of laughter. "Thanks Clark. I really needed this today." I said with a smile and held Clark's hand for a couple of seconds.

Even that was too long apparently since I saw the camera flash...


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