9. The world in a frenzy

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Chapter: 9: The world in a frenzy


It was offical now: The world was in a frenzy. My phone's voicemail was full and I had gotten over 200 calls in the last four hours.

Mr. White was demanding why I had lied and still I just had to keep defending myself: "It's not real!"

Clark was silent... Too silent. He didn't really speak, he just seemed depressed.

People were trying to inside the daily planet building and couple crazy Superman fans had been able to get all the way to the top and tried to attack me. I had been assigned a personal guard just for the day.

People were sharing the pictures and the wedding video like they were a lifeline to a drowning person. The wedding video was soon the most liked video on YouTube and the picture of you and Clark kissing was the most liked picture on Instagram.

Merch was being made of the wedding and people were pre-ordering what ever they could get their hands on.

My co-workers were asking me questions. That's the bad side of working with reporters. They were really curious and nosy. I ended up hiding in the bathroom. Clark had to come get me back to work because I wouldn't leave the toilet.

"Fay?" Clark mumbled staring at a stack of papers.

"What?" I asked feeling slightly more scared at every minute that passed by. Soon I would have to go home... And I didn't know how many people would be waiting for me outside.

"We should have the interview now. Before you go home." He said taking a pen from the table.

"Okay." You sighed.

"When was your wedding?" Clark asked.

"Never? It didn't happen..." I said slowly.

"Fay... I think it would be the best if you just said you two were married... It's just... You don't want to be called a liar. No one is going to believe you when those pictures and that video is out there." Clark said while staring at his hands.

"I don't want to. I can't lie about something like this." I said.

"You have to." Clark said strongly.

"No Clark." I mumbled.

"If you say it's true this will blow over in a month or so. If you still deny it it'll be harder for you."

"But... I just can't..." I said defeated.

"You have to. I'm sorry Fay." Clark said.

"Fine... Just... Make something up okay? I don't feel like giving an interview." I said and turned away from Clark.

"Okay. We'll go for lunch soon okay?" Clark said with a tiny smile.

"Really?" I asked feeling a little better than just now. Maybe a nice lunch would clear my head about this whole mess. "But you never leave the office during work hours."

"I know but I can't let you go all alone. You are so clumsy. And you will most likely be hounded by paparazzi." Clark said and started writing the article.

"Hey! I'm not that clumsy." I said and punched him in the arm playfully.

"Yes you are. I don't understand how you haven't died yet." Clark responded with just as playful tone.

"Well I have Superman apparently." I said rolling my eyes and started rearranging Clark's files.

"You can always count on that. You know that right?" Clark said and stared at me with fierce determination.

"Umm... Okay?" I said and kept staring at Clark even after he had turned away. "You are a puzzle you know." I said and interrupted the silence between us.

"What do you mean?" Clark asked and cleaned his glasses before putting them back on and blinking a couple of times.

"Well you seem shy and almost as clumsy as me, but at the same time you have this fierce protective side." I said and studied Clark's expressions.

"Oh... I... I'm not as clumsy as you." Clark said sounding funnily offended. He smiled and dropped the file he had on his lap. The papers from the file flew everywhere. With them a picture of me...


I FINALLY was able to write something. As you can see this was a little short... Sorry about that. Hope you still enjoyed. :)

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