6. Style meant for cat ladies

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"Bye mom." I said waving at the door wearing just a towel. I had just come out of the shower.

I watched her as she climbed into the cab and yelled: "Bye, and remember darling. Wear the clothes I chose for you. Not what you usually wear. You should dress properly to work." She closed the car door and disappeared to traffic.

"Yeah right." I mumbled going back into my room, dropping the towel and digging out the clothes I wanted to wear. What mom chose had been boring. Like what I wore yesterday. A button-down shirt with jeans. Mom's clothing never expressed my love for cats... And that was the main thing of my style of clothing: cats. I started up easy; a pink basic dress with a collar, pink handbag, sunglasses, and shoes. I chose nice white earrings with subtle abstract cats on them. I pinned my beloved Disney Marie cat pin to my dress and took my awesome Marie phone case. I then took my bracelet and pin that represented the breast cancer campaign. I sprayed myself with Chanel perfume and then left for work.

I was a little nervous about how Clark would react to what I was wearing. Yesterday I had looked so professional now I looked like a girl that would become a cat lady and die alone.

I was (once again) running late because I missed the bus. I thanked God that I wasn't wearing heels. I was looking at my phone GPS when I noticed a shortcut through an alleyway that would shorten my trip by at least five minutes. I rushed to the alleyway when I heard quick footsteps. I lifted my gaze up from my phone and saw a man in a ski mask running towards me.

The man grabbed my bag and ran away with it. "No!" I yelled and started running after him. "Stop! Please!" I yelled when I felt myself trip and prepared to land face first to the asphalt. Then I heard a quick rush of wind and someone cached me.

I opened my eyes and saw him: smiling and staring down at me with his arms wrapped around me. I felt like this moment could last forever. Like we were the only people in the world. But just like yesterday someone yelled: "Superman!" And I just knew I was going to end up in papers again. "Superman is it true that there is nothing between you?" Someone asked from the ground.

"Is she your girlfriend. You could do better."

"Are you married?"

"Kiss her!"

"She's not even that pretty."

"Just dump her already."

"Don't you have something better to do than rescue some chick from falling?" This got Superman's attention. He lifted his gaze up from me and flew away. Just as quickly as he left; he came back with my bag.

"Here you go." Superman said.

"Thanks... Again." I said.

"For you... Anytime." Superman said before he pressed a kiss to my cheek and flew away.

I stood there in a daze for a while. The crowd was pushing me around screaming questions. "Please stop." I mumbled trying to get away. I felt someone squeeze my ass and I instantly felt disgusted. "Don't touch me!" I yelled trying to get my voice heard. "Let go!" I felt someone take a hold of my wrist and pull me away from the crowd.

"Where did she go?!" Someone yelled.

"To that Starbucks!" Another voice said.

I peeked from behind the guy who pulled me out; "Clark?"

"I came at the right moment didn't I?" He smiled.

"Yeah." I laughed. "My knight in shining armor."

"I live near here. Come. We don't want to be late." Clark said holding my hand as we walked to the daily planet. We were lucky that the crowd didn't find us again. "I'm sorry I have to ask about the pins." Clark said.

I let out a nervous laugh: "Well the Marie is just cuz I love Disney and cats and the other one is to raise awareness about breast cancer." I said.

"Oh, so it's for a good cause." Clark smiled.

"Yeah. I have many of these." I smiled as we rose to our floor with the elevator. "Thanks, bye the way. I probably would not have gotten away from that crowd if you hadn't intervened."

"Sure." Clark said. "For you... Anytime."

'Why does that sound so familiar?' I wondered but then brushed it off as unimportant.

We entered the office and sat down with Clark on the chair since it was his turn and me on the floor. The day started going normally until Mr. White came out of his office. At the same time, Clark dropped his pen to the floor under his desk. "I'll pick it up." I said and crawled under the desk to fetch the pen.

I put my other hand on Clark's knee as I looked for the pen.

"Clark. Superman has saved this Fay girl of yours again." I leaned on Clark's knee but t that moment he moved and I lost my grip stumbling slightly. It was extremely awkward (even though I didn't notice it) when my hand slid against Clark's thigh and onto his crotch. Clark let out a moan that he couldn't keep in and I noticed instantly where my hand was and pulled it away. "What time is she coming to work?" Mr. White asked sounding suspicious.

"Ow!" I yelled when I bumped my head on the desk. "I'm already here." I said and peeked my head out basically from between Clark's legs to see Mr. White.

Clearing his throat Mr. White looked from me to Clark and said: "I do not care what you do on your spare time but do not bring that to work. We wouldn't want someone to think that miss Queen is a prostitute. Also give Clark another exclusive interview. Better yet give us all Superman related interviews exclusively."

"I wasn't..." I started but Mr. White was already gone. Clark was as red as a firetruck. "Sorry. I didn't find it yet." I said and went back down under the desk. My hand was still on Clar's thigh when I found the pen: "Here." I said in delight and gave the pen to Clark before I got up from under the desk.

"T- t- thanks." Clark stuttered and layed a newspaper on his lap.

"You okay? You look a bit feverish." I asked feeling concerned.

"I'm great." Clark quickly said and left to go to the bathroom.

'What an odd day.'


What did you think? I found it pretty funny. XD

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