3. The story in the internet

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I bit my lip as I watched Clark take out his computer. "If you check Instagram and facebook I'll go through witter, YouTube and other newspapers." Clark said but soon noticed that I didn't react. "Fay? You okay?"

"Mmm, yeah." I took out my tablet from my bag and opened instagram. I typed in the #Supermansaves and instantly my phone was flooded of the pictures of him saving me. I bit my lip again and heard Clark clear his throat.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Clark asked with a worried smile and showed me the picture in his laptop. There I was on the ground with Superman standing above me with his legs on both sides of me in an extreme protective stance with his hand against the car. The second picture was of me blushing while he had his arms around me.

"Well umh... I almost got hit by a car." I sighed.

"Are you okay. Really?" He asked taking my hand and looking at my bruises. "I noticed these in the morning so these can't be from that." He said nodding towards the picture. "Are you okay in general?"

"Yeah. Don't worry." I smiled. "Do you think they'll notice that I'm here?" I asked and peeked over the desk to the rest of the office.

"You are with me so no. They won't notice you." Clark said with a sad smile. "Wanna tell me what happened?"

"Mmm, sure. I want you to have the best article." I smiled. I explained what happened as well as I could and looked through the internet at the same time. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and it was true. These pictures looked extremely intimate from the looks on our faces, to his stance and the way he held me. People had crazy theories about superman and me being a couple, especially after they figured out who I was and saw the picture from two years ago.

"Can I get a quote?" Clark asked.

"Well... I quess." I said.

"What is your relationship with superman?" Clark asked glancing at me from under his glasses.

"He has saved me twice." I said with a shrug.

"Do you know his secret identity?"

"What? No! I don't even know him." I said surprised at the question.

"But wouldn't you want the glory of telling the world his secret identity?" Clark asked lifting his brows.

"God no. I mean... Think of what danger he would be in if people knew. He wouldn't be able to have his own life and he is... So good that he deserves privacy." I mumbled. "Would you? Want to tell people?"

"No. I agree with you. We used to have a reporter Lois Lane who wanted to know who he is and reveal it to the world... But I think that's just wrong." Clark said.

I smiled up at him and nodded in agreement.

"Okay so are you related?" Clark chuckled.

"No. We are not. Or do you see me flying around?" I laughed.

"Do you?..." Clark flamed up red in his face and stuttered out: "Have you had sexual relations with him?"

"No." I said and understood that he wanted to clear out all the thing that had been wondered about in the internet.

That's when I heard my phone vibrate. It was a call from an unknown number: "Hello?" I answered.

"Hi this is Ron Troupe from the daily planet." A voice said. I peeked over the desk and saw Ron on the phone. "Could I ask you a couple questions?"

"Umm, where did you get this number?" I asked.

"The internet." He snorted.

"Umm, this is a bad moment for me. I'm sorry. Bye." I said hanging up the phone before he had time to say anything else. I turned my phone to mute and put it on the table. "Sorry about that." I said to Clark. "Please continue."

"Okay so what is Superman like?" Clark asked.

"He is... He's safety, freedom, all that is good in this world. He represents what humans should be like." I said after thinking about it for a while.

"And to you personally?" Clark asked.

"Hope. He gives me hope." I said slowly.

Silently Clark stared down at me for a while and I stared up at him. He looked familiar somehow. But I didn't know why... "Thank you. This is good material."

"Anything else I can help with?" I asked. "I could go through all this paperwork."

"Umm no you can take a brake." Clark said.

"Look I'm going to be here working for you for the next six months. You have to learn to give me orders since you are my boss now. I can't just sit around and do nothing all day." I said with a kind smile.

"I just... I don't want to overwork you."

"I'v done two things today: gotten us coffee and allowed you to interview me." I said rolling my eyes.

"The first one almost got you killed and that caused the second one." He said.

"It wasn't your fault." I said.

"Feels like my fault." Clark mumbled.

I lifted myself up to my knees and took both Clark's hands in mine lifting his chin up to look at me. "Well it wasn't. So stop blaming yourself."

Clark stared at me for a while before saying: "You are so kind. Do you always think of others first?"

"Isn't that what all good people should do?" I asked.


"Isn't it what you do? Like wanting me to take the chair, not wanting to make me work while drowning in paperwork and things to do yourself." I asked with a smile.

"I guess we are the same." He mumbled with a lift on the corner of his lips.

"Yeah. I guess we are." I repeated before letting go of Clarke's hands and taking a pile of papers from the desk. "I am going to start with these, you start doing the article."

The next four hours of so went by fast. I got rid of unnecessary papers, filled the important ones for Clark, delivered some papers to other employees and got more coffee. From the downstairs cafeteria this time because Clark wouldn't allow me to go to Starbucks again.

"Almost done already." I said as I looked at the half way clean desk.

Clark smiled at me and said: "Thank you. You are doing a rally good job. Would you mind reading the article before I take it to mr White?"

"Oh sure." I said taking the paper from Clark and sitting down on the floor to read it:

Superman's girl? Was the name of the article and after I read it my jaw was hanging open. "Are you sure you want to publish this?... It still seems like there might be something between Superman and I."

"If it doesn't mr White won't accept it. And trust me the other reporters will say you two are together, so this is the lesser evil." Clark said silently.

"Okay... Post it." I sighed.



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