06- Silence

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🎶 And i have never had someone to call my own,
I've been looking for a real one to hold on to 🎶

      Oh shit

      Instinctively, without even turning around, my hand's shot up to cover my face, in case of any impending strikes on my body.

      Spilling my milkshake and dropping my food on the gravel that was damp with dew.

"I'm sorry, the nurse told me I wasn't stable enough to stay at school so I went home, I'm so so s-sorry, please don't hit me" I whimpered in fear hoping he might have mercy since we were in public.

"the nurse?" He asked with confusion in his voice and that was when I realized that voice didn't belong to Hunter. I perked my head up to see who it was.

   It's the guy who helped me with my glasses. He stood few feet away from me with his arms crossed, wearing a stoic expression.

"you were at the nurse's today?" he asked up again and I realized I hadn't answered him the first time he asked a question.

"yeah I was" I was shivering right now and I think it was due to the weather and the aftermath of the shock.

"Iris, are you okay?" He was looking at me in a quizzical manner. At this point the wind picked up and I hugged myself tighter to create a lot more heat within.

"let's go" was the next thing he said before stooping down to pick my spilled food.

   "I'll get you another meal nearby" he says after throwing my food into the bin and he began walking towards a direction.

    After taking a few steps forward and realised he was walking alone he decided to turn back and check on me. I was still glued to my spot, contemplating whether or not to trust this guy.

I literally saw him laughing away with my enemy.

"Aren't you gonna come?" He asked, but I just stood there staring. He sighed loudly and added a six letter word that seemed so innocent "please?".

   Still dumbfounded, I grudgingly walked a few steps behind him. Not saying a word.

     We walked for a very short while before stopping by an Audi car. He brought out his keys and pressed a button that brought the car to live.

      Sure i was playing the dumb one here, but hell this baby was hot. The red car just looked like a devil mobile.

   " here, get in" He said opening the passenger door for me. I eyed him waringly for a second before he chuckled and whispered "I ain't a kidnapper baby".

    For some reasons that statement made me a lot less comfortable. I got in and sat down, leaning my head on the window as he jogged up to the driver's and got in.

    He started the vehicle and soon we were driving off at a smooth tempo.


      A few minutes passed and we were still on the road. I wanted to ask where we were going but I was still choosing not to say a word.

    Staring out the window at the now dark sky. The rain had begun falling and all I could do was observe as rain drops did little races on my glass.

   Yeah I'm in a car with a really hot guy and all I can do is watch a liquid tournament. I'm really a lot more miserable than I thought.

    I checked the time on my phone for what seems like the hundredth time since I got in the car and it was three minutes left to clock seven.

      The guy beside me sighed and finally spoke to break the silence " You aren't gonna say anything?".

  I didn't reply.

"Are you an introvert or you're just trying to shun me?"

still didn't reply.

"why did you leave school today?"

I'm surprised you noticed since you were kind of busy with the reason.

  I still didn't respond.

"Iris how-" he started but I cut him off.

now i had something to speak of.

" How do you know my name?" was all I asked still looking at my window. I didn't mean to be rude, but such a kind gesture from someone who supported my bully's act towards me was not needed.

"The question should be why don't you know mine?" He replied. I didn't turn my head to see him but I could view his reflection through the glass and I saw him looking at me intently.

"I asked you a question" I said with a stern voice. And after hearing him sigh he replied.

"because I know you?" it came out more like a question.

"how?" I asked again, but this time turning to face him and I met with the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen before. They seemed so rogue like the jungle green but tamed like a garden hue, with a little ring of chocolate brown at the external and a black pupil. They were so full of life and if I didn't know better I would have said sincerity but to hell with it, you can't trust no man.

   But the way he looked at me I'd believe he was honest about knowing me as he said and yet his eyes held a glint of a familiar persona.

   The only thing is I don't know this guy.

"why are you asking how? can't someone know you?" He answered still looking me back in my eye. And I was brought back to reality from his eyes.

   I sincerely wished I could stare at those hearty eyes all night.

     But no, I had to refrain. This would only get me hurt as usual. I ripped my gaze from him and took interest in my window again.

"nobody is supposed to know me" I whispered against the window so lowly but I wont be shocked if he managed to catch my words.

   After a few seconds of silence, he broke it with his words.

"my name's Clement"

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