Lesleys POV

I woke up to the sound of giggling and looked up to see four girls staring down at me alomg with an iPhone looking down at me as well.

"What did I pee or something?" I asked yawning and noticed the sound of boys laughing from Francene's phone.   "Um Cene when did your phone start laughing like a boy?" I asked and she showed me her screen revealing five very hot boys staring at me. What the?

"Thats how she looks sleeping Niall." Talisa said and on the screen Niall blushed and I did as well. I took off my blanket and heard giggles from the girls and whistles from the boys.

"What?" I asked and then looked down at myself. I was wearing nothing but my lacey panties and bra. OMFG im going to kill those girls. I looked at Viddy and saw her holding my hot pink and zebra pajama shorts and tank top.

"Looking for these?" she asked smiling.

"You know this is considered rape? I was raped by my best friend." I said and smirked as I lunged for her but I didnt grab her. I pulled down her shorts as well.

"Lesley!" she yelled and she fell and I pulled off her shorts completley.  "Give them back." she said smirking.

"Naked party whoop!" Louis and Harry yelled and they took off their sweats. I looked at the screen and saw Niall still staring at me but he blushed once he caught me.

"Girls, waffles!" Talisas mom yelled and I threw Viddy back her shorts and grabbed my clothes pulling on my shorts as I ran down the stairs. Hey I love my food.

"Wow that was fast." Zayn said and Emely nodded.

"That girl LOVES her food." Talisa said and they hung up and followed me downstairs to see Adrian already at the table. Talisa's father was still in Portugual.

"So what are you girls doing today?" Mrs. Azeedo said and we all shrugged and pointed to Francene. She rolled her eyes.

"We're going to a rehearsel for a song writing thing with Victor." she said and we all nodded. She rolled her eyes again.

"Oh intresting. Whos taking you girls?"she asked and we all pointed to Emely.

"Her older brother is right Ems?" I said and she nodded. Derrick, her older was twenty one adn he was HOT. He had tan skin, same color hair as Emely and also same eyes.

"And here he comes.." I said as a car honked outside. We all ran outside to see a black Charger and a hot driver looking impatient.

"Thanks for having us Talisa. We'll pick you up around 1:30ish." Emely said and I looked at the clock that read 11:50. Damn time flies. We hugged goodbye and dropped off Viddy first at her loft that she lived in with her parents. That lucky b*** was an only child. She winked at us and ran into her house. Next came Francene and we dropped her off in her single story house she lived in with her single mom and little brother. And finally came me. We went to my two story house. It was a nice house in a nice fancy neighborhood thanks to my mom and her being the four star director of some company and my dad owning a local gas station.

"Bye girl and thanks Derrick." I said and he nodded.

"Wear something hot!" Emely called after me.

"You too!" I yelled as she drove off and I went into my house and into my room only bothering to tell my mom that I was home. I locked myself in my huge walk in closte and groaned looking around. What to wear????

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