Hardships Of A Doll

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Number -6~ Monster NutMeg <3

Come here sweetheart

In an abandoned carnival

To my small, mystical cart

Drawing you in

With my melodic voice

Farther into my dark abyss

You have no choice

Forced to come against your will

Gagged and bound against the wall

Silver dagger against your throat.

Don't you cry and don't you fall

The world is sweet and peachy.

Lay your tired head on my chest

Soothe all your fears away

This remedy is always best.

Unchain you from my web of lies.

Bring you back to the light

Run my fingers through your hair.

This time you do not fight.

Did I brake my doll already?

Put you back in your house

Pull the covers to your chin

Leave as quietly as a mouse.

Blow you a kiss on the wind.

Fly from me, my little dove

Out my life is where you are

Am I really that hard to love?

My broken china doll

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