Wish I Was There

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Blood Type MQ~ Monster NutMeg <3

Am I a monster?

Is that why nobody likes me?

I tried so hard to please

But I guess it was never enough.

I loved you all

But it doesn't matter now

Cause I'm pathetic,

A nobody,

A disgrace.

That is why I'm destined to part with this world

Before its too late.

I may never get a chance like this again.

Don't mourn mummy

For you should rejoice!

Another social path, emo girl is out of this place!

I had to take a couple of people with me before I left

It's just how it has to be.

My death was inevitable anyway

The tumor in my head didn't seem to want to heal

So go on with your life like normal

Cause really was I even real?


Still wondering why nobody else is shedding tears?

There were no tears to shed

But I wanted to talk to you

So cherish this last paper airplane

For I was never here.

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