The Princess Is In

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Blood Type Z~ Monster NutMeg<3

Don't you know

The world is mine.

Beat any foe

It really is fine.

I can do anything I want.

Fancy, frilly dresses

That I flaunt.

Anything less is

Public enemy number two.

Who is number one you see?

Who? Who? Who?

Well it can only be me!

Princes at my beck and call,

Daddy's money is what I've got, 

Balls and dances, please come all!

Bloody wars that I've fought.

High-class killer

Men I conquer.

Murder spree thriller

From Sand Diego to Yonker.

Death sentence at seven

Hear the ringing church bell.

Taking the last steps to heaven

Or making my way down to hell.

Look to the crowd

Give a bright smile.

My parents must be proud.

I guess I won't be seeing you for awhile.

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