16.1 Aiden's Art Of Being Selfish

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"Sorry, dude. I'd love to help but I'm already sharing with two other guys and we don't have a spare room. I'll try asking around and see if I can arrange something for you though."

"Thanks, man, I'd appreciate it."

"Hey, Aiden, sorry I can't help. My family's over this week so no spare place."

"That's okay. Have a great time with family."

"Who are you?"

"Aiden. Your co-model for the shaving creme commercial?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. I don't have a spare room but good luck finding one."

"Sure. Thanks."

I hang up for the dozenth time tonight, dropping my phone into my lap and slumping against the steering wheel. Closing my eyes, I try to tune out the voices all around me and inside me. I'm stuck in traffic and parked on the side of the road. I'm probably going to get a ticket but I don't have the gas to move the car to a better place.

Knowing I probably can't stay in the car all night, I get out and pull open the back door. Grabbing my bag and slamming the door shut, I lock the car up properly and start to walk. I walk and walk, fast at first and slowing down when the reality hits me: I don't even know where I'm going.

The light flooding out of a cafe window catches my attention and I enter the place, only vaguely aware of the grumbling in my stomach. I see an empty table and sit down in one of the cushioned chairs. The waitress comes over to take my order and I open my wallet to see how much money I have.

"Just a coffee please," I say without looking up.

She walks away and I drop my head into my arms. It's not like I don't have the money to get a good hotel for the night and have a full-course meal. The truth, however, is that all I earn goes into my bank account. The lawyer I talked to told me it's near-impossible to get custody of Owen with both mom and dad already fighting over him. The only way to convince the court I'm a better option is by proving how living with me is better for Owen. In this case, money might be the only thing giving me an upper-hand.

One of my friends finally calls me back and I spend the night sleeping on his living room couch. I've already called Corelle for the next morning and asked him to book me for more shoots. I need work and, though I'm exhausted, working more and earning more will probably make my life easier in the long-run. The sooner I can have enough money to buy an apartment and get a good lawyer for Owen, the better I'll feel.

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