Ch. 18 Professor Snape wishes to see you

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Hime_chan10: I have decided that Pansy Parkinson won't be in this story. I don't like her that much lol


The Welcoming Feast ended with Headmaster Dumbledore welcoming the new students to the school and the old students back. He added a few warnings about staying away from the Forbidden Forest and avoiding the third-floor corridor. He dismissed all of the students to go to their dormitories and that the Prefects shall guide the first-years to their dorms. 

Azalea stands up as she stands next to Draco. She looks forward seeing Severus walking down from the staff table and head towards a young man with short black hair and grey eyes and a young girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. She noticed that the two teenagers seem to be of the same age as her new friend, Percy Weasley.

The young dark-haired man politely nods his head at Severus who walked away from him and the first-years since the other students quickly left the Great Hall to go to their Slytherin dorms. The young man turns around and looks at the first-years.

" Hello, first-years. My name is Marcus Flint, and I am a Slytherin Prefect alongside my friend, Gemma Farley. We are going to guide you to the dungeons where the Slytherin common room and your dorms are located" He tells them. 

[ Hime_chan10: I have decided to put Marcus Flint as a Slytherin Prefect in this story.]

Azalea wore a surprised expression when she heard that. She turns her head slightly to the right and whispers to Draco.

" I didn't know that the Slytherin house is located in the dungeons" She whispers to him.

Draco wears an amused expression.

" Are you afraid, Azalea Potter?" He asked her.

Azalea blushes as she glares at Draco.

" I am not afraid, Draco Malfoy. I was only surprised that's all" She mumbles.

Draco chuckles. 

The first-years follow Marcus and Gemma to the dungeons. Marcus explained to the first-years that the password to get in is 'Pureblood.' 

Azalea nods her head as she begins to memorize the password in her head because she doesn't want to be the laughing stock by forgetting the password and being by herself in the dungeons at night. She has seen so many Muggle movies where scary monsters attack cute girls at night in creepy places.

Marcus said the password which caused the door to open revealing the Slytherin common room. The first-years follow Marcus and Gemma into the common room. Azalea looks at her surroundings and smiles because she finds the decor rather beautiful. 

Marcus and Gemma stand in the middle of the common room as they turn to look at the first-years

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Marcus and Gemma stand in the middle of the common room as they turn to look at the first-years. 

" Welcome to the Slytherin common room. Inside this place, all of the Slytherin students treat each other like family. We will have each other's back no matter what" Marcus tells them. " Before I dismiss you, I will tell you where your dorms are located. The boys' dorms are located on the left while the girls' dorms are located on the right. I suggest all of you go to sleep because we all start classes in the morning" He dismisses them.

The students begin to head to their dorms. Azalea was about to follow the girls to their dorm, but Marcus stopped her. 

" Azalea Potter is it" Marcus speaks up as he looks at Azalea in the eyes.

" Yes?" Azalea wears a confused expression.

" Professor Snape wishes to see you in his office. It's located through that portrait of Salazar Slytherin" Marcus points to a portrait of Salazar Slytherin. 

Azalea nods her head.

" Thank you" She tells him.

Marcus nods his head as he turns around and walks up the stairs to the boys' dorms. 

Azalea turns around as she walks towards the portrait of Salazar Slytherin. 

" Hello, my name is Azalea Potter, and I was told that Professor Snape is expecting me?" She politely asked the portrait.

" Ah. So you are the famous Azalea Potter that Severus spoke highly about. Nice to meet you, Young Potter. You do look like your mother" Salazar Slytherin tells her. " Severus hasn't arrived yet, but you are welcome to enter" He opens the door and lets Azalea get inside.

Azalea enters Severus' office.

She looked at her surroundings and noticed that the room is filled with different kind of potion bottles and cauldrons. She sees a desk in front of her which let her know that it belongs to Severus. She walks towards a chair and sits down as she patiently waits for Severus to arrive.

A few minutes later.

The door to the office opened revealing Severus. Severus enters his office and smiles when he sees Azalea lightly tapping on his desk. He walks towards Azalea.

" Good evening, Azalea. I wanted to see how you are doing" Severus tells Azalea as he sits down on his chair.

Azalea sits up straight.

She smiles at him.

" I am doing well, Professor Snape. Thank you for asking me. At first, I was nervous about being sorted but after being sorted into Slytherin. I became happy but sad when I saw Harry giving me a disappointed stare" She explains to him. 

Severus' eyes narrowed as he looks at Azalea. 

" Why did he give you that look, Azalea?" He asked her. 

" It's because someone told him that Slytherin is the house of evil" Azalea honestly tells him. " B-But, don't worry. I think Harry is starting to get comfortable with me being in Slytherin. I saw him smile at me before leaving to the common room" She reassures him.

Severus nods his head.

" All that matters to me is that you are happy and comfortable at Hogwarts" He tells her. " If you need anything. Don't hesitate to come to my office to ask me any question that is bothering you" He smiles at her. " I should let you go because you need to go to sleep since classes start in the morning. Oh! Have you read your potion textbook, young lady?" He asked her.

" I have read it during the summer! It was the first thing that I read, honestly" Azalea laughs which cause Severus to smile. " Well, goodnight Professor. I will see you in the morning in class" She stands up and waves goodbye to Severus as she walks out of his office. 

Severus watches Azalea leave.

" Goodnight, Azalea and sweet dreams. I know your Mother will be so proud of you" He wears a fatherly expression and whispers as the door closes. 

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