Serene: II

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The three settled in the meeting room long after the others have gone. They lazed in the room, talking about anything under the sun. The conversations were light, unlike the tense atmosphere that preceeded it.

Joohyun was in between the two, relaxed and at ease, at least she knows who sees her for who she really is. It was only when Joy unintentionally brought up Yoongi that she felt the older one tense.

"Yoongi has been stressing about students coming in for detention since last week." Joy said, before noticing Joohyun shift on her seat.

Internally smacking herself, Joy hoped that Yoongi' s name wouldn't be mentioned again or that the topic would fly over the two's heads. She didn't mean to be insensitive, it wasn't also her fault that she's close to the older guy.

Joohyun cleared her throat, "Why?" She asked as if nonchalant, which resulted in Joy stealing a glance at Jin's reaction. So far the man was holding it really well.

"The seniors are being lax." Joy laughed to ease the tension, "Apparently, your batchmates decided to fully enjoy their last few days. Sleeping in classes, making a ruckus."

"I swear is it that Hoseok guy again?" Joohyun sighed.

"And he's been dragging Wendy-unnie, but he's not the only one though."

"Isn't it too obvious that he's into his bestfriend?" Joohyun distractedly said, spacing out momentarily.

"Wendy-unnie? I guess so?" Joy answered tentatively, looking at Joohyun's faraway look and Jin's distracted ones.

"It's only a matter of time before the two get together." Joohyun concluded.

"We can't really be sure about that." Joy said, matter-of-factly, "If they don't confess, nothing would probably happen anyway." She continued, pointedly looking at Jin who now had to double check that Joy, indeed, was looking at him. He made an incredulous look that shifted to a longing one once he laid eyes on Joohyun.

Joy had a sharp intake of breath,

Why am I doing this? Joy, are you a martyr? Do you plan on becoming a saint?!

Jin cleared his throat when he saw Joy look at him then sideways to Joohyun again, "I'm sure Yoongi can manage that." Jin butted in in an all too serious tone, making the two glance at the man and nod their heads.

Did I trigger him too much? Joy thought to herself. Why am I playing wingman here?

"I'm quite sure he can actually." Joohyun said, looking at Joy.

Jin fiddled with his hands. Here is the guy who is admired by the whole school, but turns into mush in front of Joohyun.

A deafening silence filled the room, Jin was stealing glances at Joy now, asking for her to break it and say something.

I'll take a step back now. It's never meant to happen anyway.

"Oh!" Joy stood up from her chair, a little too quickly, it made Joohyun jerk in her seat.

"Oh! Look at the time." She said in an unusually high-pitched voice. "I guess it's time for a snack. Would you like me to get you anything?"

Joohyun had on a questioning glare, but she didn't say anything and shook her head.

"Okay then, I'll come back in a few."

And Joy sprinted out towards the door and closed it before getting a glimpse of Joohyun's concerned face.

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