From afar, something stirred.

I couldn't see it quite well at first since my vision is a bit adjusting to the outside light. But somehow, deep inside, I knew that I had seen something like that before in my life but I couldn't just quite remember. As it got nearer, it finally occurred to me what it was since I could already see it quite well.

Although I couldn't believe it, the woman looked like it had not eaten for days and bones were noticeably showing from its skin. She wore ragged clothes and she has been dragging her right feet and limping towards me. Her eyes showed that of emptiness and from time to time, her body jerks and she couldn't control it. It was all she could do to keep her balance but she doesn't seem to be struggling with any injuries at all, although blood was clotting everywhere in here body.

So it's a zombie, huh. I thought to myself as I walked towards it with great curiosity.  What kind of prank is this? I asked myself.

But as soon as I reached a few meters near her, she immediately jerked her head and looked straight towards me even though her eyeballs were missing, she suddenly charged towards me at great speeds and I, seeing that I still couldn't run as fast as I could due to some reason, blocked her way using my right arm, which she suddenly bit without hesitation.

Oi oi, what's this? I thought as I saw her dug her teeth deeper into my arm until I felt it literally in my bones. So it's real? What?!

I suddenly remembered something as soon as I felt the pain on my right arm. 

Don't overextend, get back to...

What was that? I thought as I snapped back to my senses and pushed the woman away from me. Without waiting for her to get back on her feet, I quickly fled the scene and ran to the nearest intact building that I could find. I could still feel the stinging pain on my right arm but I couldn't feel any blood dripping for it. Is the infection already spreading throughout my body? I thought.

Hours passed, and I didn't feel any difference. I sighed in relief as I rested and hoped that I wouldn't wake up tomorrow as one of them.


The next day, I saw a few survivors, three of them actually, raiding a supermarket. As I expected, they were chased down by a few of the zombies and they hastily exited the place. They were still quite young and I  could see that the zombies were gaining in on them without them knowing, or rather, they didn't want to believe it.

Now that I have slept, I finally realized two things. For one, I couldn't be infected by the zombies, and two, I heal faster than any average human.

So, I finally came to the conclusion of my reasoning and decided to help them. After all, I am a human as well and humans help each other in times of need, right?

Gritting my teeth, I interrupted the zombies and bare-handedly fought them while shouting for the party to run. They were quite shocked since I appeared out of nowhere and was punching the zombies here and there but they didn't think twice on leaving me behind.

Or so I thought.

The only girl in the group tossed me a bat. "Kind sir, thank you for helping us. You can have my bat." She shouted as the two boys in the group dragged her away from the scene.

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