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I immediately tried to stop my tears but to no avail. For some reason, they just kept on pouring, and some sort of urge is telling me to stand up and get out of this dreary place. Now that I think about it, something felt eerie about this place and it's giving me the creeps. But even though I was a bit scared, I couldn't feel my heart pounding nor my cold sweat pouring out. Something is really wrong with me. I told myself as I tried to get up.

But no matter how hard I tried to stand up, I couldn't do it. The insurmountable pain was still there and it gets worse when I put even just a little bit of strain. Gritting my teeth, I was able to seat myself and lean against the wall.

That's when I felt someone's grab.

A figure suddenly pushed me against the wall, making me slide down to the floor. I couldn't recognize who the figure was but for a split second back there, the insurmountable pain left me and I tried to fight the figure off. To my surprise, the figure was unexpectedly strong, not to mention that he was drooling all over the place and was muttering gibberish. Even though I couldn't remember anything from the past, I'm quite certain that normal people don't act like him, making me remember a familiar term of a place that I must have heard a long time ago.

A Bedlam.

I don't know why but I was getting the feeling that the person attacking me was a crazy person and that I am inside the bedlam. As soon as my eyes adjusted and my senses sharpened because of the dark, I could hear a few indistinct noises coming from the outside not to include the raspy breathing of the person pinning me down. I could also see the faint figure and facial features of that person.

My intuition was right, he is a crazy person.

Mustering all my strength, I removed his grip and threw him to the farthest end of the room, but that didn't stop him from springing back and charging at me. The unbearable pain was coming back to me as soon as I threw him but I was able to struggle to stand up probably due to my adrenaline rush. I felt my way on the walls, trying to look for an opening of some sort.

A door!

And it was open all this time?!

I immediately went out and closed the door behind me. I felt sorry for the crazy guy being trapped inside but I have no other choice. I have to leave this place no matter what! 

I rushed towards what seemed like an exit, but to my disappointment, I went deeper and deeper inside the bedlam. Minutes seemed like hours as I  tried to feel my way around the area. For some reason, I could see everything even though it was pitch black, probably because my eyesight has adjusted to the darkness.

A light?!

I immediately ran towards the source of it as soon as I saw it. Finally! I'm getting out of here! I thought.

To my great disappointment, I was nowhere near getting out of that bedlam. It was as if I was trapped in an infinite loop of disasters and all I could do was move forward in hopes of escaping. 

I could see that the entire scenery is a city, or should I say, was a city before. Now, it was a great barren of land, with toppled buildings and dilapidated street signs. Aside from the wind that occasionally blew through the streets and dried leaves rustling in response, there were no signs of life whatsoever. A few cracks could be seen in the concrete and deserted cars were smashed by debris from the fallen buildings. A few marks of blood could be seen, printed on the wall and the surroundings as if someone just invented a new and gory avant-garde. Then I saw it.

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