Chapter 4

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Jake POV:

"Yeah I'm sorry That I left you but I couldn't really let a the guy that I love to die without knowing I'm actually alive." Bella said. "Its ok. I would've done the same thing for.....Alayna....Oh shit. What time is it?" I asked her. "Its 7:30. Why?" She said. "Shit." I said pulling out my phone looking for Alaynas contact. "She had a really important performance today that I was supposed to be at to support but I ditched her again." I said putting the phone up to my ear only to have it go to voicemail. I quickly texted her. "We should head on back." Bella said. "Yeah." I said as we started to head back towards the cliffs where her truck was. I felt my phone buzz a few minutes after we started walking again. I took it out quick and looked at it.

Hey I'm so sorry I missed your performance. Bella wanted to talk to me and I lost track of time. Please call me soon. I'll make it up to you I promise. -Jake

Promises? when are you actually going to keep them Jake? You ditched me on the most important performance of my life and you ditched me for Bella again. You even ditched me on my birthday. Don't worry about making it up to me. It's in the past now. -Alayna

I sighed and wiped my eyes. "Whats wrong?" Bella asked. "Alayna is mad at me right now. Lets just get you home. Ok?" I said wanting to go see Alayna soon. "Yeah Ok Lets go." I said.

Timeskip to the cliffs.

"Hey isn't that Embry and Them?" Bella said. I looked up and saw The Pack and Alayna cliff diving. Just then Paul and Alayna Pushed Embry and Quil off the cliff. "Oh my god!" Bella yelped running up to the edge of the road. "Chill Bella There only cliff diving. Dangerous but its a total rush." I said chuckling. I looked at Alayna and Emily who were laughing at Paul and Jared trying to push each other off only to have the two girls push them off. Only to have Paul and Jared pull her with them. "Damn Alayna joined them too." Bella said looking at them. "Yeah. She joined the friend group as well."

Alayna POV:

"Come on guys I don't want to jump." Embry and Quil whined trying to stay on land. "Too Bad." Me and Paul said Pushing him off and into the water. "I HATE YOU TWO HOTHEADS!!" They yelled before they were in the water. Then I saw Paul and Jared trying to push each other off. I looked at Emily and we both had the same look. We both pushed Jared and Paul off. The two boys managed to take me down with them. "You pieces of Shit!" I yelled as we went under water. We resurfaced to see Quil and Embry laughing along with Sam chuckling. "I hate you all." I said wiping the water out of my eyes. "Hey Isn't that Jake and Bella ?" Embry said pointing at the overpass behind the beach. We all looked and they waved. The boys waved except Paul and Jared waved back. The three of us just glared at Jake but I smiled at Bella knowing she didn't do anything wrong. "Come on guys let's grab our stuff and head out." I said swimming back to shore. Once we got to shore we saw Bella and Jake standing there waiting. "Hey Bella." Embry and Quil said I heard them say as I stood up in the water. I tilted my head a little to get water out of my war. "Hey alayna." Bella said waving. I smiled and waved back before going back to what I was doing. Once I finished I walked out of the water and Jakes eyes widened looking at what I was wearing.

I was wearing a black swimsuit that kinda shows off my scars on my back

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I was wearing a black swimsuit that kinda shows off my scars on my back. I walked over to them and stood near Jake but not to close. "What do you think you're wearing?" He asked me. "A swimsuit. Are you blind or something?"  I said rolling my eyes. "Says who?" He said acting like a 5 year old. "I swear Jake you're acting like a 5 year old. You don't get to boss me around. Not since you've been ditching me. So leave me the fuck alone Black. Or else we'll see what happens." I said walking away up the path back to the top of the cliffs.

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