Chapter Twelve: Lord Gelida

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I looked at Pelsary in confusion, then at the ship. Why does she look so horrified?  

If Pelsary was scared of something, then whomever was controlling the ship had to be more powerful than her!

“Who the hell is that? Who controls that ship?” I asked her.

She looked at me, stricken and silent.

I walked to her and shook her.  “If something or someone is on that ship, and is stronger than you, you need to tell me! Now!!”

This was starting to scare me a little. Why would Pelsary act like this?!

“You don't recognize it, do you?” she asked me, that look of horror still on her face.

I didn’t.  “I mean… it does resemble Frieza’s ship, but it's too small to be his!” I reasoned, confused.

“It's not Frieza’s ship”, she announced.  “It's Gelida’s ship.”

“Gelida?” I repeated.  “Who’s that?”

“A Frost demon, like Frieza! Except stronger!”

My eyes widened as I looked at the ship, its tractor beam still pulling us in. Gelida would board us in moments, and send henchmen inside to exterminate us.

I looked at her again.  “How powerful is Gelida?”

She didn’t answer.


The ship docked us, causing a few tremors. Then we were being boarded.  We were being rushed -- by Gelida…


That name… that sounds… familiar to me…

And all at once, it came to me. Frieza wasn’t the one who tortured me. The one who made me the way I was -- wasn’t Frieza.

It was Gelida!

That bastard!!!

I let Pelsary go and headed to one of the hatches, where Gelida’s men would invade us at any moment.

“Kaisa? What are you doing?!”

I started running towards the hatch, rage starting to take control. Gelida’s days are numbered!

The hatch opened up to reveal at least ten men with wrist guns, aiming at me.

I scrunched my face, and one of my veins popped. I yelled out in anger, and pointed my finger at the henchman closest to me. Then I blew his head off. The energy bolt went through his skull towards a part of the ship, setting it on fire; then were the cries of badly burnt bodies, the suffering of men not even enough to be considered cockroaches.

I could faintly hear a female voice calling after me as I ran further into the ship, but tuned it out. I went mad, reached my limit of rage. I was NOT going to let Gelida get away! Not this time!

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