Chapter Eleven: Fortune-Teller Baba

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I got into my pod right after Kaisa, and raced to catch up with him. He couldn't just go to Earth himself. He would need my help if any of Earth’s defenders discovered us.

“So? What do we do now?” Kaisa asked when we landed.

“We need to find an Earthling known as FortuneTeller Baba”, I told him.

“I know that much! How do we find her?”

“I can recognize her ki signal. I've met her before.”

Ignoring Kaisa’s look of surprise at my answer, I closed my eyes and began to focus. After a short while, I picked up a small signal somewhere in front of us.

“Directly north of us, about twenty miles ahead”, I announced.

“Then let's get going already!” Kaisa responded in a frustrated tone.

“Okay, but remember to suppress your ki so you don't give off a signal”, I reminded him. “We're not here for trouble.”

Kaisa’s response was nothing more than a grunt as he ascended into the air. I ascended after him. About an hour or so later, we came across a vast desert -- and a mountain.  At the base of that mountain stood a small tower. I recognized it as Baba’s house.

We found her.

“That's it! Right down there!” I announced excitedly.

“Are you absolutely sure she can help us?” Kaisa asked, dampening my excitement.

“Well, no. But I have a really good feeling about her!”

“Oh thanks! That makes me feel so much better!” Kaisa growled sarcastically.

We landed and walked up to the door. I knocked three times in a specific pattern -- the same way Nebula would when she brought me here before -- and called out the old woman’s name. Soon the door flew open, and a soft voice whispered, “Enter.”

We did as we were told, and entered the small room cluttered with books, spell tomes, and antique furniture. Again, the whispering voice spoke.  “Highest floor!”

Kaisa and I made our way up the spiraling staircase. As we reached the highest floor, I saw him turn his gaze in confusion towards the short old woman sitting in the center of the room. As we entered, she opened her eyes and stared at me, her gaze burning into my mind.

“Is that you, Pelsary?” she croaked.  “My goodness! How you've grown!”

“Hello, Baba! Long time, no see!” I responded, embarrassed.

Her gaze fell onto Kaisa.

“Who's this, Pelsary? He doesn't seem familiar.”

“This is Kaisa. He's, uh... an associate of mine.”

“Very well, then. What can I do for you, dear?”

“Well, we've run into an issue of --”

“Nevermind, I already know. You and your Saiyan ‘associate’ here have lost your Super Saiyan forms, due to a spell cast on you by a powerful wizard. Am I correct?”

“Yes, actually.”

“Say no more. I'll see what I can do.”

“Thanks a lot, Baba!”

“Don't thank me yet.”

With that, she drew a series of circles in an odd pattern on the floor around her, then closed her eyes. Baba mumbled some words in a language I didn't understand.

Suddenly, bright sparks of green and purple flashed all around the room. Baba continued to mumble, and the sparks grew brighter. Finally, her eyes flew open, and the sparks hit us with a powerful sensation.

Then, in an instant, it stopped.

“Well?” Baba asked eagerly.  “Do you feel your power returning to you?”

“No!” Kaisa replied angrily.  “It didn't work!”

“He's right. I don't feel any different”, I reported to Baba, disappointed.

“Really? Well, then I'm sorry. I've done all that I can. The ritual I just performed was supposed to eliminate any and all traces of magic from your souls, but it seems my Earth magic cannot cancel out Namek magic. Once again, I'm sorry.”

We ended up heading back to my ship, an aura of frustration emanating from Kaisa.  He complained to me about how stupid my idea was in the first place, and that he shouldn't have trusted me at all, but I mostly tuned him out. All I knew was that we needed to somehow break the barriers on us, and that he would be the perfect partner to help me. If I could just get him to listen, then maybe we could find a solution together. I was going to explain this to him when the radar on the dashboard began to emit a loud beeping sound.

“What now?!” Kaisa asked, annoyed.

“It's a tractor beam! We're being boarded by pirates!” I answered in a panic.

I looked through one of the windows to see a huge circular space vessel pulling us in with a green beam.  Horror struck as I realized whose ship was pulling ours. It was the ship of the strongest and most fearsome space pirate to ever haunt Universe Seven: Lord Gelida.

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